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Labor chief, Avi Gabbay and Labor Knesset candidate Henrique Cymerman, and meeting Pope Francis

Labor chief, Avi Gabbay and Labor Knesset candidate, Henrique Cymerman, meet Pope Francis at his Vatican in July.
(photo credits: YAEL KEHAT)


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Labor Party Leader, Avi Gabbay traveled to many Arab countries in the 18 months in which he was involved, Labor Knesset and former journalist Henrique Cymerman said the trips on way, contact The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday.

Cymerman joined Gabba to meet King Jordan Abdullah in October and Pope Francis in July. Channel 10 reported that he also joined Gabbay to Abu Dhabi last month for meetings with ministers in the United Arab Emirates government.

The report reported that Gabbay and Cymbran traveled through Amman to Abu Dhabi from 2 December to 4 for meetings organized by Morrocan media, which helped meet senior officials in the Arab world not yet shown. He also noted that Gabbay was reconstructed Mossad Yossi Cohen's head when he returned to Israel.

Gabbay, or Cymerman, would not confirm the report, by Gabbay spokeswoman saying "Gabbay is a great deal with his diplomatic case, and he has a detailed plan for renewed discussions based on confidence building measures with Palestineians and Arab countries. "

The report was disturbing Knesset's members in Gabbay's joy, as he told them in the day he said in Abu Dhabi that he would miss the Hanukkah party, because he was not a & # 39; feel good. He did not even tell his companion then in the Zionist Union, formerly a former Tcipi Livni minister.

"It was hard for us, and it was not surprising," said MK Yoel Hasson from Livni's Hatnua Party.

Cymerman said that Abdullah and other Arab leaders have met with Gabbay, despite his poor appear in the polling bills, "because they think Gabbay is relevant and that the voting bills are not inappropriate, and they are investing due to its ability." He also said that they are also respected by the state-based Labor Party.

"We found that there is much to be done by coming to countries of interest, not only in the Israeli government but also in the challenge," said Cymerman. "They want relationships not only with the government but also to the people of Israel."

For example, the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi sent a message to the Israeli people through the Francis Peppa – when Gabbay and Cymerman met him – there is a great opportunity to bring forward a regional diplomatic process, and Israel's long-term acceptance and is still open.

As a result, Gabbay is expected to present its regional diplomatic plan with Cymerman on January 15 at an event at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.

Cymerman, 59, has no proof of the full Labor list. But it is anticipated that Gabbay will recommend it to the Labor Party members ahead of the 11th Primary Party party.

From Portugal who moved to Israel at the age of 16, Cymerman speaks five languages ​​and has met regularly with Arab leaders for a number of years. He teaches government and diplomacy at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and has won 22 awards in journalism from four countries.

Following the appointment of a prayer meeting between the chairman of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas and then President of the Vatican Shimon Peres, Cymerman was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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