Gaben is one of the top writers of Half-Life and Portal


Although we will make the cabbages when the next Grand Theft Auto is available, Gabe Newell is a " make a very singular alignment: Erik Wolpaw, one of the writers of Half-Life Episode One and Two, Portal and Clì 4 Dead returned to the ball.

For inclusion in a context, we left Wolpaw about two years ago in a type of brain disturbance of the company that Valve also costed Marc Laidlaw's screenwriter, who gave us a lack of continuity of the exercise of Gordon Freeman.

And we're not denying it, for years it has been said that Valve did not benefit from its gallery – to the team of its writers in the way in which the game fans played; wait. However, the campaign was published on the November Artifact it seems that things have changed.

As identified by ShackNews, Erik Wolpaw returns to the ball. Indeed, it has already integrated into the development of games: it is not a hold on which Gaben itself is reinforcing, but The name of Wolpaw appears in Artifact beliefs.

The first move, and an incredible promise if we are. including Gabe Newell last year last March Artifact It would only be the first.

Artifact is the first of several games that come on our side. So that's a good news. Hurray! Balloons are again playing games.

What kind of projects do they have in their hands? Well, the terms of the game itself in Valve appear to be no problem or priority. Anyway, so far. But for the removal of Erik Wolpaw in this new stage, we will have many put out our imagination.

And we're sure Gabe Newell is aware of this.

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