GAELIC! Basketball & UGRABILE Basketball & # 39; Fly and & # 39; doing something amazing! (video)


Slovene who have qualified for the European Championship are very happy.

Today, basketball musicians from Finland travel to France, where they can go. playing their last game, and on the plane with the regular airline line of Finland, they've done something amazing. They finished the team to bring them out to their microphone, and Eva Lisec addressed the passengers as the skipper of the air. Everything with a specific purpose, especially surprising.

Today is the birthday of the Damwain Grgić election, and his defenders wanted to congratulate him. Eva also continued his lecture in this style before the passengers started to sing; best on the plane. With enthusiasm (and embarrassment) the candidate of Slònais, the person who created the great success of a Solo woman basketball, is clear. Everything together, the union's representatives were also killed in a brilliant scene.

You can see it below. If this did not appear to you, then on this link.

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