Gaitán, in the Boca scenes – 04/01/2019


Since his retirement, Nicolás Burdisso stopped for a second. A & # 39; His first goal as Boca sports leader received by Barros Schelotto fan. And he quickly did it: he sent to Gustavo Alfaro and today the 56-year-old DT is true. But Follow the one who went ahead with the demands and talk to world-wide players so that they can go together and give up (more) of quality for this team. And now, it's the turn of Nicolás Gaitán's version; there.

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I prayed He communicated to the 30-year-old midfielder park and confirmed that the Boca manager had a " chat with the player. Do you think? Without hesitation: that is a reinforcement for Alfaro. However, he returned to his / her club where he was Playing games 98 (which was 13 goals) between 2008 – it won that year's opening – and 2010, something complicated from the economy and also because "Nico is very comfortable where it is".

He spoke in 2008 in Boca, he won Apertura that year and went to Benfica in 2010. In total, he played 93 games and won 13 goals.

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Although the request is to return to the club where it was; always appear, and even with the image he left. Of course, Juan Roman Riquelme himself said not only does he think he is "a brother", but also in the last game of the wheel in the Bombonera before going to Benfica, JR asked him to leave his court although he was injured "and so people gave Nico's hospitality and gave him the farewell he was worthy of." A crack, obvious, with which the Gaitan was shown at a one-day meeting.

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And where is Gaitán currently? In Yifang of China Dalian: he played 28 games throughout 2018 and did only two goals (he made nine support). However, for now, there would be a desire to; player of revenge at his current club. Surely, this is not the first time a Boca is a & # 39; struggling, if he had been trying to try when the summit was in the Atlético de Madrid.

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Burdisso, for his, to date, talked to Marcos Rojo, Walter Kannemann, Ever Banega, Leo Paredes and even Mudo Vazquez. On the list, indeed, Nico Gaitán has already come in. For that time, the manager still has no fortune, but if he is able to continue his / her; Convener …

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Román came with us for dinner with Clemente Rodríguez, Tito Noir and Nico Gaitán. (Instagram)

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