Galaxy Fold: Samsung is sending a & # 39; First cell phone online – 02/20/2019


The cell phone expected everybody's last. Samsung has the new and innovative gadget, the Galaxy Fold, in San Francisco (the United States) and London (England) on Wednesday afternoon. This is the first digital phone that is & # 39; integrating its brand and one of the first in the world.

It will be sold on April 26, for $ 1,980 ($ 7,702 in direct tax-free). There is a very high price, double the last Note 9. That is, it may be more than $ 10,000 in Brazil. The iPhone XS Max will cost $ 1,099.

Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL
Galaxy Fold will come in four colors: black, blue, gray and green Image: Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL

But the biggest innovation in smartphones in recent years is the cost of innovation. Twenty-two years ago a promise from the marriage phone gave him eight years out of her; paper. The model will integrate smartphones and tablet knowledge.

The phone still looks tough and heavy when it closed, but it's a great deal of development; over the protocol – and it did not; This is the first time a model will be & # 39; appearing in thickness and illness during the coming years. The indoor screen is incomplete and promotes immersion experience to the user. At the moment the face screen still looks beautiful near the existing cell phones, with a large edge over and under the screen.

"Despite the progress we have made, the scale of our screen has been limited to the size of our devices. So far," said Justin Denison, an active company. hosting the event:

It is a smartphone, a record and a camera that's a? answer your pocket

4.6 inches of screen when pushed and 7.3 inches when opened, black, silver, green and blue, with six cameras. There are two watts on both sides of the Galaxy Fold, which is up to 4380 mAh. Samsung organized the Galaxy Fold with a repeat AP chipset and 12GB of RAM, as well as an AMOLED system and an AKG system with stereo speakers for entertaining. LTE and 5G versions of Galaxy Fold are there.

Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL
Galaxy Fold, Samsung's new Samsung cell phone phone will run up to 3 apps at one time Image: Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL

Folded Screen

The inside screen is not only hanged, and & # 39; bend. "Samsung is a more complicated move in folding and delivering more difficult innovation. To achieve this, its screen company was about 50% narrower than the normal smartphone screen. The new material that makes the Galaxy Fold flexible and stable.

Despite either to a & # 39; company, it is the open decoration of the vessel, which is openly open and a lovely and natural fort, as a book. Just one click.

It has multi-functional work that allows you to use three requests at the same time. Here, you can run the app with the closed screen and when you open the phone, the app will run. It is worth remembering that the inside screen is only turning when it is completely straightforward. So, you will not see the content by keeping it on; phone in the "book" format.

Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL
Galaxy Fold Open has a 7.3 inch screen Image: Gabriel Ribeiro / UOL

Many cameras on the Galaxy Fold

There are six lenses – three on the back, two inside and one outside. The three backgrounds are: ultra-broadband of 16MP, and two of 12 MPs, a wide area and a telephoto lens. The camera is open when it is open, one 10MP and one 8MP. There is also a final front when it is also folded of 10 MPs.

The fingerprint reader stops at the side where he has reached the thumb.

"Fold Galaxy has a" "impact on creditors, who say that we have televised mobile intelligence, we are here to confirm them. Today marks a new beginning, changing ", says DJ Koh, president of Samsung's mobile devices department. Galaxy Fold is expected to mean a new level for the line.

Galaxy Fold

Main Screen: 7.3 "QXGA + Dynamic Amoled (4.2: 3)
Outdoor screen: 4.6 "HD + Super Amoled (21: 9)
Outdoor camera: 10 BP, F2.2
Three-way camera: 16MP Ultra-wide, F2.2; 12MP Width and 12MP TV, F1.5 / F2.4, Flexible Eye Image (OIS)
Zoom flexible: 12MP, F2.4, OIS PDAF
Onwards 10 BP F2.2 and 8 MPs (with depth RGB, F1.9)
More important: 64-bit Octa-core 7nm
Memory: RAM 12 GB (LPDDR4x), 512 GB (UFS3.0) without MicroSD card slot
Battery: Fast Duties 4.380mAh driven by wireless device
Operating system: Android 9.0 (Cois)

Check out the captive prototype that was presented at the Samsung development conference in November last year.

Before Samsung, Royole had already given a hard machine that was like to be done in a hurry. China's Huawei is committed to its type of ready for the next week, and Xiaomi China has also shown a prototype of an appliance. It is worth remembering that LG last year launched its first radio television – other technology – consolidation of the curved screens in 2019.


When we got on Strategic FlexPai, we thought he was still deceived, locked up, and delayed to respond to a few opposing orders.

The screen & Amoled & # 39; all working "stretching", a 7.8-inch tablet, or folded, with both sides; run independently. It was heavy, the edges were thick and could be pocketed on pants.

It was easy to fold the screen, but the device was hard when it had to be opened again. And the back, which does not connect the screens, is very beautiful. It was obvious that many still need a cellular cell phone.

FlexPai has two 16 BP and 20 BP classes. If open, you'll get selfie. In its shelter, you can drag and take a picture with the lens in the position of its main camera. That is, all your photos will be taken with two lenses.

In China, FlexPai has already been selling for about $ 1,290. In Brazil, Royole is not so familiar, but the fancy features are in her; its mark.

Line S10 produces four modules

Gabriel Ribeiro Francisco / UOL
In the back, the Galaxy S10e camera is only; The oldest brothers have three Image: Francisco Ribeiro Francisco / UOL

The Galaxy S10 is also a new one, and Samsung has not released a problem on Wednesday (20). There are four models of the Galaxy S10, the tenth version of the smartphone line of its company.

The hands held the "non-endless" scratch and won the "infinity O" (and you can call the same "hole in the screen"). In addition to the shorter screen, the tools are clearer and their stainless windows are:

  • Galaxy S10e: the iPhone XR S from Samsung. Less cheaper, a smaller screen, 5.8 inches, with no crosses, two back camera and face. It does not have the new digital sensor, it will use its & # 39; side button equivalent to the A7 Galaxy.
  • Galaxy S10: standard version, with 6.1 inch screen, three-camera camera and face camera.
  • Galaxy S10 +: draft grille, with a 6.4 inch screen and 1 TB of storage. By obtaining a triple back camera and face face camera, there are two holes (separate) on the screen.
  • Galaxy S10 5G: the first Galaxy equipped with 5G technology. It will reach 6.7-inch screen, deep 3D camera, and 4,500 mA grand-batter.

* Reporter traveled to Samsung

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