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As if there were dispersed after Christmas, Brext was unlawful. and a new nuclear weapon race was expected to be new enough for empty spirits, the scientists have confirmed that nearby diseases can enter the Milky Way and their; weird cosmic.

It was unfortunately found after scientists have been able to compose clouds of the Cloud Magellanic Cloud (LMC), which is one of the satellite disorders that can be used. affecting the Seafarer. Instead of being surrounded by a safe, or a? Free scrapping from the magnificent Sligo draw, the researchers found the LMC going to go; Invasion to disease we can home.

At this time, it is estimated that the LMC is around 163,000 years old from the Poor Way and its # 39; behaviors at 250 miles per second. But symbols with astrophysicists in Durham University show that the LMC is a dragging down and converting to date, and # 39; continues to grow into the Beautiful Way in a period of around 2.5 billion years.

Reproduction of a galaxy satellite; hitting the representation of the Voice Video

Although it is unlikely that individual stars and planets can be heard, a galaxy will have a limits as much as 250 billion suns damage. "The entire Sea Channel will be shaken and the entire solar system could be released to an outside place," said Carlos Frenk, director of the Institute for Cosmology Computing in Durham. "If that happens, I do not see how our descendants, if we can, stand."

It's not really tough but white. The problem is in the disaster that is; putting the solar system into a more remote region of slow space, the researchers report in the Mutual Press of the Royal Plateau Society. Marius Cautun, her first author on her & her; The patient reported that he had been a beautiful victim of about 1-3%.

In one way, the disaster with the LMC is over. The Killich route includes spiritual diseases. The star rating that spreads its galaxy goddess is & # 39; significantly smaller star star galaxies. But not all. The upper black hole is at the Milk Center; sink, but one tenth as big as those found at the heart of similar galaxies.

The galactic union will change all this. "Once the LMC is coming forward with the Milky Way, our galaxy will not be at heart," said Frenk. "Most of the bee grows in the stars from the LMC and the black hole will continue with its expected excess of fuel and it will sink. "

Much of gas affects the LMC that is preserved with the upper black hole until it reaches up to 10 hours; at present. As she boasts, the hole is "active" and will send out powerful jets of high-energy radiation. Although large cases of gamma radiation may be breaking out mass, the radiation is not likely to be driven by the black hole; threatening any life that may exist on Earth, the authors will write.

In the end, airplanes involved in the decline of the Milky Way noted the upcoming disaster with the Andromeda galaxy. At five times, the size of the Big Mile Hill, Andromeda, the Beautiful Way was completely destroyed when the two met. It is expected that this cosmetic accident will be in about four billion years.

But the union with the LMC could suspend the cataclysm, Frenk said. "One of the substances that are in the disaster with the LMC is that it will defer armament," he said. "It will move slightly to the Beautiful Way and may buy two billion years.

"The LMC is big but we will not completely destroy our galaxy," he said. "He will create this incredible fire fire, but he does not have a lot to create a big deal. The accident with Andromeda is really genuine. That is the end the Seafare as we know it. "

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