Galaxy S10, Galaxy Fold to launch: 5 phones, smartwatches, new mobile phones and more


An Galaxy S10 and leakfest pocket phone at last; Nowadays, the Samsung non-packet event has begun, we have official information about Samsung's innovative Samsung Galaxy Fold, which shows Galaxy S10 models and the new gadgets that go with them.

In fact, there is something we can not always get. In this case, There's no news about the Galaxy HomeSouth West, pending – We got out when it's available!

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Galaxy S10 new phones that gather on sweet specs


Galaxy Fold

With its 7.3-inch Flex Infinity Flex display, 7nm process, Samsung's new premier state-of-the-art storage and uninterrupted stream between widespread and extended scenes, the Fold Galaxy will break new ground. At $ 1,980, that's related to its & # 39; price, too.

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Samsung has flapped Galaxy Fold at Unpacked


Galaxy S10 modules and tools

No information was left about the phones or the shows, but now we are getting on.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds costs just behind the …


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