Galaxy S10's smartphones will arrive for the year 2019 with refurbished displays


The time of the Galaxy S9 and S9 + smartphone phones is coming to an end slowly. Shortly is the start of our new year, and that's just one, Samsung will introduce a new generation with new technologies.

The year 2019 should be different from the last few years. It is expected that the furniture maker will build up to three new models. Galaxy status S10 and S10 + will add one. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is cheaper and more accessible. He should offer very similar designations to his two most prominent brothers, but as a result of a number of negotiations, his price should also be costed on price-makers.

In fact, it will be the normal part of the Galaxy modules with flat displays (unshielded). Samsung made the way through the Galaxy S6 and S7, where the smallest of the two types had a flat show and the model "plus" version of the OLED panel. The Galaxy S10 Lite should be as big as the Galaxy S10. However, the 5.8-inch display should be smooth and the S10 screen is attached to the edges. The S10 + offers up to a 6.2-inch curve display.

Interestingly, however, these exhibitions should be a new generation. While in S8 (+), Note8, S9 (+) and Note9, Samsung used the same OLED display technology (M8), Next year, M9 should be an advanced technology. New forms of organic material should be used for OLED drinks, so we should find even more detailed and more detailed colors.

There is also a higher resolution in these screens, but the scenes are changing, it may be that Samsung is just trying to try some of the prototypes. Server SamMobile also says that the 10th generation of the Galaxy S will be found in black, white, yellow and green. Verify all this (together with many others) in February 2019. It is just when we include new notices that will then proceed. A few months later Samsung should also introduce a 5G version for the future.

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