Galilea Montijo follows the steps of Andrea Legarreta and her. Welcome to the group in Final Dress



Aracely Arambula and Galilea Montijo are more aware of their ever in a tough war bikini, which promotes vitality



The Stars– –

The driver got thousands of things & # 39; to appear

A few days ago Andrea Legarreta She took her important image in a small bikini and it seems that Galilea Montijo he does not want to be left behind, so he was now sharing a shooting picture in which he made a bragged big body.

At the time of coming on Thursday, the bearer of the Program & Now & # 39; she showed her toxic refining and she remembered when she included decoration for a gentleman's magazine.

"#TBT A few years ago. What is in Galilee?", He described as a description of the image female actress, who received two hours more than 30,000 and I like it & # 39; and hundreds of messengers, where his friends expressed their feelings and how interesting it was.

Raul & The Black & # 39; Araiza He was delighted with his companion's jewels and said: "My dear God," with warm welcome and heart. Roxana Castellanos She praised her friend: "What's in a barbar! Bless my little hand".

Fernando Reina, her husband Galilea Montijo, also describing the release of the television show and his / her; Improving daily emphasis is better; His wife answered simply "I love you".

The image is fired to & # 39; related to the photographic session bearer, 45, July 2008 for a Mexican magazine; However, it is not the only event to show the tapatía on hunting in social networks that he put in a small bikini, and it makes it clear that this is a genuine model.

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