Gallardo responded to the difference


With Emilio Coppolillo Bianco The River won the final decision of the Libertadores Copa de América after 120 minutes that made the difference between a weak and renewable technical group, who read the game correctly with Gallardo from the VIP box at Bernabéu, and another man who did not get a tight scheme was altered when circumstances were needed.

There was a conversation before a strong team between a strong team (River) and a group of wealthy people (Boca) and Madrid night was a separate evidence.

Barros Schelotto defeated in the first half with a 4-3-3 4-5-1 4-3-1, with Villa and Pavón supporting her when the enemy was a member and, with a welcome religious to the mid-players. River, it was larger at the time of an attack and almost no wonder.

So Boca was relaxed with reasonable benefit after the good definition of Benedetto, helped with a media error in the river, especially Maidana, but in the second time he did not have a bad answer when the leaflets Another "million-clan chief" and other clarity in the distribution of a dance.

The river did not have to change the scheme to move on to influence its game and its. begins to disturb Andrada who is very uncertain. He continued with Pratto on top and five rounds, with "Pity" Martinez and "Nacho" Fernandez more open, but he changed the conviction when he played and played. Look for the remaining places between the xeneizes leaflets and the marks.

That was an important moment of the game because the "Mellizo" had the opportunity to strengthen the center and strengthen the diversity of its competitors, but did not do it and since the Quintero of Colombia went to enter Ponzio (another success of Coach River) in which the court was the only team: the winner.

The River came into a good co-operative work and the River clearly became an owner of the field and the opposition against a state-made enemy, which was not well protected and had severe problems to bow to reach it.

At this point it is a & # 39; going to play another side. He always said the River Boca was beyond the River but what is this practice if he does not know how to use it?

As you explain, Cardona does not even have a Cuban in the relay bank and it's Zárate, a player who did not do anything from the time he came to the club after going to the club; away from his controversial Vélez?

How do you explain that Almendra is away from the start of his unhappy game at her & # 39; Monumental that is not among the seven today's inhabitants of Bernabéu?

With a shorter timetable, even without Scocco and her son Julián Alvarez as an alternative, Gallardo gave the shock of his players and all the changes he made or improved the team's performance, ranging from stage to height.

As Barros Schelotto decided to keep Villa and Pavón on the court when they were not disturbed in an attack or defense, possibly due to the return of the 90 minutes. He had a connection to a scheme that was no longer delivering sections of the first 45 minutes.

Not how do you realize that Tevez played just 10 minutes, in the second support, when Boca lost 2-1 and had one smaller player to prevent Barrios.

The quality of the river has increased with Quintero's goal, but it has not been the result of its & # 39; He was just as high and tall as he was.

The third, with Boca, played the natural with his keeper, and Produce the result that the River is built from a bad relationship, and supports the information and revival of its staff.

And the coronation that is desirable may be the truth of the collection in times when individuals seem to be very common.

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