Gallardo, unmarried against the River commanders: "Those who should complain"


After 1-1 with Banfield, he could not. keep angry on the Doll for a tight timetable that is facing his team in 2019.

The Copa Libertadores is always a priority. The rest (and should) may wait. Here's how Argentine teams are thinking, and this is how they protect the rules when they want to turn off games. River, almost done in 2018 and, as was expected, to collect commitments to wait in 2019 . And not only are the effects translated into the autumn of bad points but also injured. And Marcelo Gallardo killed after that 1-1 against Banfield . The funny thing was that his ideas were made directly to his / her offices; Grampian.

"I do not know the directors why they travel to the tarrails unless they look at the furniture segments. Sometimes I think … Why did I send it to the # 39 , this paper and a complaint? The managers know. I can not always say anything. I can not say everything to the managers " , the Doll challenged the same millions.

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