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A League of Storytelling Diana player quiz at Riot Games, and built a number of Wit's Ends on matches, and his games; finishing with mixed results.

An League A LittleBroPanda player – LittleBrotherPanda on YouTube – Share the video above that they show up to the Riot Games built "Is it a meta?" a & # 39; recently praised in a video. Instead of building the usual items that would usually be purchased for Diana, they collected Wit & Ends multiple sheets on the # Heroes with a few Dark Seals and pairs of bottles blended into the formula.

As one player in the video said, much value was lost by & # 39; Buying multiple Wit & Ends pages because two items have a unique passives that are not built on top of each other, but despite that the recommended construction by Riot Games as part of the preseason tests. Diana is usually welcome to & # 39; break down enemy shops, and the test in the video above is a & # 39; shows that there is no change when it has a number of Wit's Ends, it just works slightly differently when it puts pressure on attack and magic in terms of power building capacity.

At the end of the video, the player decided to produce a number of games played as Diana with many Wit's Ends built through the games. The results were almost lost only for one benefit, all of which happened in such games.

Diana Story League
(Picture: LittleBrotherPanda)

The player resolved evidence of the failure of the building on Reddit and he said to what staff was the Riot Games; He suggested that the conversation had to speak to him. They included that Diana had a lot more friendships than they were thinking about and they introduced that the construction was a great deal. get a good pot pepper when the first Wit & # 39; s End is built, but it's a & # 39; falling off shortly afterwards. The construction was made without using Rune Keystonestonestone even though Someone may be able to do it if they are built it in the right way.

"Indeed, however, this building is willing," said the player. "Riot has suggested that this build is to talk to each other. NOT FOLLOWING. A captain on attacking speed is very early because you get a speed attacking your best. I cost 2.4k gold for 720g worth of magic value after the third level of benefits. I have to finish and sell a shop for things on my final game. I think that this proposal has been introduced to the end of my benefit. "

An League of Storytelling A video from Riot Games originated from the Diana test can be seen from here.

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