Gamer convicted by the Australian police after living invasion & # 39;


Sydney gambler heard a living mouth that hit a woman attacked the Australian police Monday, after the event went to social media.

The 26-year-old was using Twitch's video platform for broadcasting her & her; playing the lasting survival game of survival when the attack was called on Sunday night.

Footage shared on Twitter showed that the unnamed person shouted to someone on the screen away "I said I'll be able to go out soon" before I move away from the computer.

The voice of a woman will be heard later saying "woman basher" and who "touches me in the face, do not face my face, you will hear that, everyone who are you there?

The argument is going on, by & # 39; surrender and elapse on the half length & # 39; s the person moves forward and his monitor and his / her; call "leave me alone".

In a second video, there are more calls between the two as a shouting near a child.

The two videos were replicated thousands of times on Twitter.

The state police officer of New South Wales said someone is watching the food-makers, who arrested his housekeeper in the southwest Sydney bank in Oran Park Sunday.

A general attack was raised and raised to appear in the court on Thursday.

Police also ordered him who is disqualified from harassment, threatening and frightening behavior.

Police said there were two girls aged three to 20 months – at home at the time.

The 21-year-old "was not seriously injured" but was "worried and shaken by the event", they put in a statement. The local media said she was either a companion or his wife.

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