Why are you only two or three shapes where you can have six?

The Inbox morning reflects on how well a video game selling in the UK, as a reader finds out, Poenix Point has gone out to be the norm t .

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Secret PC games

So with this Google account coming up, and maybe Amazon and Apple after that, we may have six completely different formats within two years. And that's not even counting a PC. I do not say that this is good or bad thing until I see what they offer but it appears that the same future is of a dead form and is buried.

That wasn't even what I heard about it for a long time – thinking that a manufacturer would be so big that the others would give over, so we only had Sony or Microsoft or anything just as we only had a DVD. and Blu-ray.

I understand that we have gone beyond that now with digital downloads but that we are able to use six formats for each of their own banned games. If all of these new PCs are not to be PC secret games below and are limited to a different streaming service it is similar to a nightmare.

A sketch would help with a step, but it is not completely consistent and doesn't give you the opportunity to play a game that is not only. I hope there is something that I miss here because it just seems to be going to make a game more broken, more confusing and more expensive.

Low obstacle to access

So don't you even have to sell a thousand copies of a game to get into the UK's top 40? That opens his eye. I understand it is a good time and it seems that Left Alive is very bad but I am still somewhat organized by the numbers.

There don't seem to be too many 5 figures from the Devil May Cry. Am I innocent of thinking that a lot of bigger games in Britain sold here? I was thinking of numbers in hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Not only 20,000 or so.

Is this normal, GC? What sale does a giant game like FIFA sell or Call Of Duty? All the stories about millions of children playing Fortnite and it seems that only one person plays anything they had to pay for. I am beginning to understand why publishers are so desperate for microtransactions and the other huge microtransaction scams.

GC: This is the list of the top 20 retailers in 2018, showing three high-selling matches over a million, then sweeping to less than a quarter of that time t who comes to number 20. Although, yes, that is only physical.

Subscription series

What don't I understand about it? Section 2 is why it had to be rearranged if there is such a significant difference between it and the last? I like the original song, I'm not getting wrong, but why will the Destiny 2 trip start and just start on everyone from the start? Wouldn't have been more interesting to be able to visit and do things between the two and perhaps some areas between the two areas of the same game.

I assume that the reason why people are more likely to pay the full price for the reorganization of the expansion, is the end of the story. But for these online games just seems to be going over all the opinion. I get to have their money made but I will be happy to go back to the MMO subscriptions as a result. If companies knew they were definitely receiving an income, I think we will get even more new content on a more regular basis.

But, again, I think fewer people are likely to go to subscription to their followers like this… we received this. It is very difficult to say that Division 2 does nothing wrong but stretch.

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Individual performance

It's a shame that this is the first time I have heard about the game in time but I saw that Phoenix Point has been another source for Epic games. Phoenix Point is the new game from the creator of X-COM (and the super Chaos Reborn) and, especially without a sign of a new official game, it is likely to be a perfect spiritual finish.

I was looking out for any new film but everything was from four months ago, but I am looking quite stunning and I'm full sales. But just … I need to buy it from an Epic Games store.

So what, you can ask. And being honest it doesn't seem that this is happening at the moment but this is the future we have been concerned about this week: companies who take on all the perfect for their own service / console. That doesn't depend on PC games very much because there is little difference in the sources. But think if this was a different console or a subscription service, you would have to pay an extra £ 8 each month to play the same game you were interested in. It might happen very easily and I fear that we have already made a first attempt. steps.

Ultimately, extreme

In answer to Gifford, I wouldn't say it would be much easier to open and so you don't have to play a game as it should be after today's surrender.

I say paying full price for a game, and then encouraging them to pay more to ease you by the burden of playing and playing. the song about a modern day-long game.

When we get to that stage, and games are designed to be so unpleasant to play for the very reason, we will be in trouble… t

* Read with numbered numbers about giving players the chance to make progress if they have no time for the game they have played.

* Relationship *

Game of the game

For those who say that the Netflix series has never existed to Castle Castle, which is very technical but that it's sure that PlayStation 4 didn't meet the tune Symphony of the Night without it and that a new collection is coming. also. , according to this sound. Maybe the characters were in Super Smash Bros. Finally, this would not have happened.

I think the Netflix productions are much better than films because they have lower budgets and they seem to be of no problem with attracting strange audience. I promise that Dragon's Dogma 2 is a dead certificate now and that may be partly a result of Netflix. All this means something obvious: Dino Crisis should be able to get a TV program!

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On 3DS

We're sorry to think that the 3DS is coming to an end but I agree that there is a good running and that there is no reasonable way that it can go much further, particularly with the success of the Switch.

Which games would I say (not to accept Zelda deserts) my favorite thing is to fire a fire: wake up! I was not very aware of the outer layer of the cameos Smash Bros. in the past, but I have fallen in love with the mix of play and strategy. I suppose that it was a game that couldn't work but on a portable machine and that I would be surprised if Nintendo was heading for Switch.

It acts like the biggest loss at the end of the carriage because I don't see a game like Zelda: A Link between Worlds making it bigger. It is not without the budget that is much more likely that the Awakening of the Link is reviving.

But by Pokémon, a fire symbol, and animals going on, that is what you would have to say that you would usually work best if they got to work and sell as well. I recognized that the 3DS is no longer needed. .

And out quickly for Kid Icarus: A rising. I know that the controls are terrible but even because it is still good and I think it is very dangerous that it will never be put back on any other form.

Boxbox also

If you need to add more reason to love FromSoftware, the file size for Sekiro: the Shadows of Die Twice appear to be smaller than 13GB. That is less than most one-day matches for other games.
Bentley Bear

I think the reader leaves some important information about the film Sonic the Hedgehog. Jim Carrey plays Dr Robotnik. I don't think pics remain but… I feel this is going to be very special.

Hot topics this week

The topic for this weekend's Accordion is praised by the reader Ishi, who asks what is your favorite video sound of this generation?

That means anything on the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, 3DS, or PS Vita – or a new PC game from the beginning of 2011. You can suggest a single song or an entire sound record, but we want to know what you think is the best video game for the new forms?

What are your views on current trends in video game music and do you think this generation is better or worse, more generally, for video game music? And do you have any recent sound effects, both as downloading or on CD or vinyl?

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