GameStop decided not to sell its & # 39; company – News – Gambling


Future sales information Gamestop it is no longer relevant. The company said they are changing their minds and that they do not. to sell planning. It is reported that the board left the intention to sell due to lack of appropriate offers. Previously, customers could have been there Governance of Global Apollo and Sycamore PartnersSouth Westerly

It is important to be aware that the sale of its company was only one of the options. Previously, GameStop has been selling some of his business for $ 700 million – we are talk about it Moving springNowadays, the biggest gaming agent is planning to focus on his / her business; video game and collections.

A serious case has already had a negative impact on the status of its existing societies. Last year, during GameStop's agreements with Sycamore Partners, its company shares fell to $ 14.91. Now, their value has fallen to 11.59 dollars.

Remember that GameStop is the game console that sells largest selling chains, video games, gaming tools and PC tools. Her offices are in seven countries of the world.

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