Gareth Southgate was really proud & of his players after England and defeated Croatia Football


Gareth Southgate went to England on expecting his expectation after his early career was crowned by a revival year by going to his position. avenging the heart break of his World Cup and to Coming out for the country's Premier League awards the next summer with a 2-1 negative impact on Croatia.

The English manager spoke proudly about the development of his team in 2018 and praised his players for demonstrating the stability of opponents to stop them from being able. reaching the World Cup final four months ago. After the battle against Andrej Kramaric on Southgate's side in danger that he stopped to Section B, increasing the expectation that Croatia had been to build the highest of Spain in The A4 Group, only for aims; disappeared from Jesse Lingard and Harry Kane to stimulate Wembley's gloomy scenery.

"I do not think I can expect to do this," said Southgate. "I am very proud of the players and all the staff. We have grown together. We have been developing every step. Today, there was another big event. enough on their game, but they did a big deal. We played so well in the first half and we had a good chance. Then we needed to show another side , how strong it is to live there.

"We have had a five to 10 minute time after Croatia has been clarified by two communications. Then we may have been a new England but we've been screened from a long throw and a tour Free. There's nothing changing. But what's my favorite connection to the fans. Wembley did not like that for years. We want to continue on the days and and to build on. That energy helped us to get over the line today. "

England, who finds out the multi-final opponents of the next month in Dublin, who are very proud of having a " Completing a main organization in which Croatia and Spain are. "You could look to the group with France, Germany and the Netherlands, but I think it's the best thing to come through," said Southgate . "That's an important step for us. We were pretty close to Spain here. The quality of the exhibitions and the depths of the squad that appeared – we had real choices to change the game, and that's true simple over the past few months. "

A & # 39; Portable to & # 39; entertaining the finals after completing their company and Southgate, who witnessed even more clear evidence of English's ability in the successful victory of the past month in Spain, Encourage his team without disabling their standards to fall.

"We're not perfect, but we're getting better," he said. "We have a great desire to keep pace with it. We are slowly beginning to impact on these key teams. We have a hard suite of furniture, but we have learned from it. You need to be close to the best against the best teams. You should not be sloppy in any way. That has allowed us to make progress. "

"It was clear that the World Cup was much bigger, but then you'll look at the next challenge. It was a great opportunity to try and fight against the main teams. We now have more opportunities to support our supporters. The next year looks very interesting. "

Kane had lost some opportunities before being aboard Ben Chilwell over Lovre Kalinic. "Harry is the best thing in the world," said Southgate. "You're always willing to take a player off of his ability. I know that some of those conclusions are questioned over the summer, but the main pensioner is Our leader, in 98% of games, plays a host and supports the essential goals. He made a pass for Raheem [Sterling] after having a deep leak and turn in the first half. We have great credit. It is so hungry to guide the team. "

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