Gary Lineker does not just leave Alexis and remarkably: Who would have thought? Sanchez can play


The national stripper Alexis Sánchez back to the courts in the town 2-0 for Manchester United against Castlebar, which gave a number of English media to fulfill its recommendation, but also caused a historical history that has been done; Regarding the performance of the Sailors regularly: Gary Lineker.

That is, despite that, although Sanchez gave a fantastic agreement in the commitment to the "magpies", internationally with England in Mexico 86 & and Italy 90, published a tweet in which it was; mocking the Silens with the sentence: "Who would have thought at a time? Sanchez can still play"

Note that the tocopillano has returned after long injuries, which gave it more than a month away from the courts, and did so with the intention of recovering the large number of questions it was Having spent the year, due to its small achievement in the "devil red"

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