Gas drops 2 cents on P.E.I.


Year & # 39; Island gas drivers have a new gas charge water, with a fiftieth fall involving gas liters under dollar.

The price of the pump for regular uncontrollable gasoline at self-service centers now runs from $ 0.957 to $ 0.968 per liter. This price includes changes to taxes as previously announced by the departmental government.

Also included in the listed price change from the Island Management Commission and Commission Appeals are furnace and stove oil, with a three pence cut per liter.

The highest price for furnace oil is $ 0.844 per liter, and fees.

Lease diesel prices with four pence per liter, with point prices now between $ 1.147 and $ 1.158 per liter.

Proof is the only fuel to see an increase. It ranged 1.5 liters per liter for Irving Energy Distribution and Marketing, with up to 0.8 cents per liter for Superior Propane. Kenmac Energy Inc. See any change.

The maximum price of pre-tax propane is now in & # 39; ranges from $ 0.783 to $ 0.79 per liter.

IRAC says that the continued reduction in the price of gasoline, furnace and diesel oil prices allow the additional discounts announced on Tuesday.

The price revision that will be commissioned on 15 January.

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