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The gas war at Penticton has come to an end, but Okanagan residents can expect prices at relatively low levels – and maybe they are falling bigger.

Prices in Kelowna on Wednesday two pillars to 117.9, have been the lowest they have been in the months, and the fuel expert who lives in Canada is a expect that number to fall longer.

"There is more room for falling prices," said Dan McTeague "Many more retailers do not need to buy $ 1.03 or $ 1.04 for their fuel, so there may be room to reduce the four-quarters off the next day. "

Gradually, he liked a short-haired war that ended on Wednesday. Falling prices were as low as 94.9 cents per liter during the period; battle, but most of the places did not; going as far as the 99-cent range.

"Indeed, someone decided they wanted to have a larger share of the market and that they were willing to use their deep packs to get that," said McTeague. "This retailer is not only very high and then they have to be solved on the basis of a sale of fire, because they all pay very similar to gasoline, taxes inside, within a few pounds apart. "

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The Kelowna RCMP is turned to its & # 39; public to help monitor a young man who has not seen since October.

Lucas Tessier-Maynard, 19, was reported on 28 December after his last hearing on 16 October 2018.

"The Kelowna RCMP is seeking any information that may have its position or its health certification," reporting a leaflet. "It's out of a character to be lost for this time and has no means of support."

Researchers believe that Tessier-Maynard has left the Okanagan.

It is named Caucasian, five feet seven, 110 not with brown hair and eyes.

Anyone is asked with information on where he is talking to Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


The reader of Castanet is keen to pay attention to the Kelowna investment that is encompassed significantly over $ 10.5 million on Hobson Road.

The 380 Lochview Road 38.3 acre ownership was estimated at $ 13,629,529, up from $ 12,989,529 last year. The impressive house, completed in 2005, has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

Although the building is considered considerably higher than 4358 Hobson Road, it is the CB Assessment that claims to be the highest value; , CB Assessment's Katrina LeNoury ​​says that he was not sent out of the list for purpose.

"A section of it is in a farm class, and because it is not Class 1 (residence), it was removed from the list," said LeNoury.

She says that they did not do it compared to residential accommodation buildings in an attempt to compare "similar to such".

"It's still a very good, high-class," she said. "It's not incredible. He took eight years to build that house."

END: 12:15 p.m.

Again, the largest home is assessed in Thomson Okanagan as the usual four-room home, 1.76 acre single-storey in the Kelowna Low Mission.

Disposal assessments for 2019 were released today, and more than 208,000 residents in the Okanagan residents can get their notices, show market values ​​on 1 July 2018, during this week.

The most expensive building is considered in the department at 4358 Hobson Rd., With a total value of $ 10,553,000. This includes a land value of $ 5,643,000 and a building value of $ 4,910,000.

Last year, he has the same property; One family home in the department to save $ 10 million.

The Hobson Road area is the highest level assessed in the department, with nine of the top 40 homes.

There are 25 main assessment homes in the area on the interactive map shown above.

It is not surprising that sea ownership is of great value. The highest altitudes are all 45 altogether on the water side, either on Okanagan Lake or Kalamalka Lake.

While there are 4358 Hobson Rd. The highest-rated building, the home of four bedrooms, a 27-acre 27-bay two-bath at the head of Lakeshore Road is currently listed for $ 20 million.

Overall, values ​​evaluated in Kelowna were up seven percent from last year, from a average of $ 590,000 to $ 632,000. This is a huge decline compared to the 17 per cent that rises in the previous year.

Similarly, a 6 percent stakeholder value grew in West Kelowna, seven per cent in Loch Lough and eight per cent in Penticton and Vernon.

The home assessed in the entire province is $ 73,120,000, a home of seven bedrooms in Kitsilano, with the founder of Lululemon Chip Wilson. The home fell over $ 5.7 million in estimated value last year.

Individual property values ​​can be found on the BC Assessment website.

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January 2, 2019/2: 17f | Story:

At least seven Canadians have died after they have been involved in clothing donation bins, and the most recent death has given reasons for a solicitor to request that the "death captain" be placed or removed immediately.

A 34-year-old man who was placed in a bin in Vancouver West on Sunday, was the fifth in a continent to die the same way from 2015.

A 32-year-old man was found dead inside a grant box in Cambridge, Ont., November, and a man in the 20s died in a vessel like in Calgary in July 2017.

Professor Ray Taheri of the engineering school at the Okanagan campus of the University of Glasgow says the death of B.C. a woman put in the July bin after he had worked on ways to re-serve the bins.

He says he would spend up to 2,000 bins just in British Columbia to spend too much money, so the best solution to change the design as soon as possible. as possible by using their ideas; their students.

Jeremy Hunka from the Mission Gospel Mission in Vancouver says that many homeless people are hanging on the bins for clothing, and others can use them as a shelter in cold weather – but it's so dangerous that organizations Charities get rid of and find other ways to collect contributions.

Madison Erhardt

New year, new yourself?

The season is to make the Year's intentions & # 39; New.

Every January 1, millions of Canadians will begin to start; a new year with a mission to improve or improve their lives in some way.

Despite the intention, there is not much to do; last week, not to & # 39; remember the rest of the year.

Castan strikes the streets, and Ask what solutions do you have for New Year?

If you have an idea on this topic, send us a line [email protected]


Canada Environment has now launched a winter storm warning for Coquihalla Highway – Hope to Merritt.

Winter conditions are expected to be dangerous.

The Canadian environment shows that the remainder of 35 centimeters will reach snow over the railway by the end of Thursday as stables across its; Pacific Ocean over the southern tip of Britain's Columbia afternoon.

The capacity for frozen water over sections of the morning is Thursday and early evening when the low ground is able to produce and discharge. move a warm face related to the area.

The snow will appear to rain at Thursday afternoon or on Thursday afternoon as frozen levels rise above their roof in response to the warm path.

The weather warning is also effective through Pass Pass on the Trans-Canada Highway.

Much of the section is covered by warnings for Wednesday, including Snowfall warning for:

Arrow Lakes – Slocan Lake, where it is expected 15 cm of snow. Heavy snow is heavy in the afternoon of Wednesday and into the night as a Pacific and Pacific system system across the southern part of the British Columbia.

The most likely communities are to obtain the 15 centimeters of snow areas north of Nakusp to Galena and higher ground to the south east to New Denver.

Snow goes on on Thursday but it's not going to be there; high expectations.

FINAL 5:00 a.m.

Although what's left out of the snowstorm hit the Okanagan Friday and Saturday today, live on the ground, there may be more on the way.

The snow recursion is predicted for Kelowna Wednesday, up to two centimeters, while Vernon could see up to four cm. Penticton has 60 per cent chance of illnesses.

Cindy Yu, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says that two separate weather systems are going through today and tomorrow.

The two systems could reach up to 15 centimeters of snow to Coquihalla Highway Wednesday night.

It is anticipated that the temperatures will rise at the base of Thursday Thursday, so cold may be the waterfall of the snowplace in Kelowna, Vernon and Penticton.

The two systems could be great news for skiers and walkers, with up to 10 cm of snow being hit Big White Wednesday, and then another four pounds Thursday.

Hundreds of people had started very cold before 2019 on Tuesday.

For a fifth year, the Dip Dip Polar Bear Community Affairs Promotions Association held the Tugboat Kelowna Beach.

The CRAD Adaptive Adventures executive director Dawn Widdifield says the event has grown more and more and is estimated to have around 1,500 people at the 2019 event.

Although there were many people who wanted to trust friends and family, Widdifield says that 425 people have a lot of people. record assumptions to jump into the frozen waters of Loch Okanagan.

"There were tons of people, disappearing without splitting, everyone escaped out of the water, which is important," said Widdifield. "It was real, very good."

Through donations and sales, the event raised $ 4,500 for CRIS Adaptive Adventures, a local non-profit organization that will help people with disabilities experience outdoor pursuits.

"It will go to outdoor opportunities for people with disabilities, it will go directly to our programs," said Widdifield. "That may mean buying a specific piece of appropriate equipment or updating some of our existing tools."

Volunteers will help people who use CRIS services on trips across the Okanagan and outside.

"We have made trips at Mission Creek Park and Tomb Paul and Kalamoir Park, so across the local area, and we will also go out of the Sovereign Lake, outside Vernon. We're going to go up to telemark, to the middle of the estate there, "said Widdifield." We're doing a lot of kayaking on Okanagan Lake, Linne Kal, Loch Leven, and we will ride through Mission Creek Park regularly. "

Widdifield says that breaking down barriers in the country is very important and it can be very good.

"The physical side of discovery and reconstruction in real nature is very important, but there is so much social side. Its effects on people's mental health and the such a great thing. "

A group of Kelowna athletes are directed to the world's largest multi-sport youth games.

The Kelowna team is ready to compete at the International Children's Games in the Olympic town of Lake Placid, New York from 6 January. 11. Lake Placid was a hosting the Winter Winter Games in 1932 and 1980.

"We are delighted that our local athletes will host the International Children's Games in Lake Placid and have the opportunity to compete and experience on the Games in such a prestigious position, "said Deputy Chief Gail Give Kelowna.

"Congratulations to the hockey hockey team, biathlon and cross-country athletes and coaches. I wish them every success when they compete for Kelowna in early January at the next International Children's Winter Games "

The games in January are expected to have 33 different towns; serving from 14 countries. Kelowna is one of six Canadian towns that go to the Games. The other towns in Canada are Port Moody, Penticton, Hamilton, Windsor and Ancaster, Ont.

This is the third episode of the International Children's Games that the Kelowna team has been present.

With more than 60 centimeters of new snow at Big White last week, the tour reminds skipers and walkers to go to; clear guidance on tree sources.

Tree wells are created when low branches at the bottom of the trees can block the snow from a " cooperate, create a loose pocket pocket that can cause a dangerous turnout if someone comes. Tree depth can be very impossible to prove.

"Tree wells are one of the potentially dangerous dangers out there," said Kris Hawryluik, Big White's ski surgery. "

"Think about or travel with friends and keep a visual dialogue together. If left, stop and call out."

One went into Big White's best tree on Saturday, but was saved by his companion.

Big White says that the best way to avoid tree crops is to keep running on the yard, but if you're going to get it, skiing or riding in the shirts, take broad trees on trees.

If you find yourself in a well of a tree, do anything you can to keep your head above the surface of the snow, and keep your feet under your head.

"Make a summary or use your whistle to get an eye to a nearby friend or rider," said Big White in a recent press release. "Stay silent and resist your confidence to struggle – this will be a preserving of energy. Finally, trust someone to look up."

If your partner has fallen into a tree, they will start to blow snow from the man's air, tuning on the head.


The firstborn of British Columbia's year came to the world at a minute after midnight.

The child Dominik Soswa was born at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster to Janet Shimizu and Lukasz Soswa just as a firework that was lit up the water at 12:01 a.m.

The eight pounds and three children came through a pedestrian section.

Mum Janet Shimizu says the family is healthy and happy.

Shimizu says she thought Dominik arrived on December 31, but her work stopped and the doctors decided that she would be better at her. get a cunning section.

This is the first child at her & # 39; couple.

"We feel very tired but we feel good, well," she said.

The new mother said she wants her son to be just and happy.

"My partner wants to be a surgeon," said she, laughingly, saying that Soswa is an orthopedic surgeon from Langley.

For now the family wants to rest and get sleeping.

The new year's child is the first of the 42,000 children expected to be born in the # 39; big this year.

– with files from The Canadian Press

END: 10:55 a.m.

Hugo Kyle, the first child born in the Internal Health department in 2019, was born at 1:58 a.m. Kelowna General Hospital.

Francine and Stewart Kyle moved to the hospital at 1 a.m. and Hugo was born inside the time. The fourth child at her & # 39; couple, born at KGH.

"We were not here very long, her midwife did not have time to get her legs, she spent regular clothing," said Stewart.

Hugo was born with an emphasis of eight pounds, 11 oz.

As he was on Hugo's date on December 31, Stewart says he was always aware that Hugo would be 1 Jan.

"I said we were getting the first child of the year, my wife would not believe me," he said. "I was proven right."

Further to the south, go to & # 39; Firstborn of Pencticton in 2019, Sadie Hill, who was born at Penticton Divisional Hospital at 4:51 a.m. Sixteen pounds, 11 o'clock.

The first child of 2019 was born in the # 39; continent at 12:01 a.m. at the New Columbian Hospital at New Westmintster, with a weight of 8 pounds 3 cannons.

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