Gasoline and diesel at this year's highest price


Revenues can reach the highest price this year. Photo: BoBo

For a liter of gasoline 95-octane, 1.266 euro will be removed, two more cent, per liter. diesel 1.269 Euro. 0.3 kg larger than in the week timeSouth Westerly

So the two mobile fuels reach its highest price this year. As a result, prices fell close together, the last gasoline 95-octane from diesel more expensive between 9 and 23 October last year, and from that time it was essential diesel to remove more.

Oil traders will determine the price of gasoline and 100-octanine and gasoline fuel 95 and eight diesel fuel at service stations on roads and roads themselves. Otherwise 95-octane gasoline prices per country diesel regulation.

They are determined in accordance with the regulation of special petrol products each 14 days depending on the methodology based on transferring petroleum prices on the world market and the transfer of the euro-dollar exchange rate. T . An account of the prudential price will also be noted partnerSouth Westerly

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