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According to these businesses, the final gasoline price introduced over the last month has decreased, especially in the # 39; first half of the month decreased by USD 6 / barrel. Casual RON92 prices (95% of raw materials for gasoline E5) were $ 73.75 per barrel on 6 November, down $ 67.88 on November 19. In the same way, gasoline RON95 from 75.42 per barrel to 69.48 per barrel at 9.11.

The Business and Trade Ministry has calculated that there is a normal gasoline price in the Singapore market in which; A new trip tends to be significantly reduced, down by more than 12% compared to the previous time for both RON92 and RON95.

So, in the new change this afternoon, businesses said that if the stable stock is still maintained, gasoline prices can fall from 1,300 to 1,500 per liter.

In the most recent conversion time (6.11), reduced gasoline price E5 1,082 VND / liot, reduced gas with RON95 1,138 VND / liot. The previous change (22.10), E5 gasoline dropped slightly 224 VND / liter, gasoline RON95 down 144 VND / liot. So, if this change is going to decline as it has been estimated, three continuous reductions in the # 39; last month with gasoline E5 and RON95 with about 2,500-2,700 VND / liot.

According to the Ministry of Business and Commerce, from the beginning of this year, there are 20 rods of ministry at the Ministry of Defense, with four criteria, six changes, and ten stable prices. By the end of Q3, the balance of petrol and oil was VND3,039 billion. Compared to the end of 2017, the balance of funding decreased by 2,066 billion, or about 40%.

According to the latest statistics from the General Quotation Department, Vietnam contributed 663,000 tonnes of petroleum in October, totaling $ 489.29 million, decreased by 5.2 per cent in volume and 2.6 per cent in value. compared to last month.

Compared to last year's October, the number of petrol introduced to Vietnam dropped 37% in volume and 19%. On an average of 10 months of the year, gasoline export prices reached about $ 676 / ton, up 26.8% over the same period last year.

In terms of mercantile markets, Malaysia is the largest petroleum supplier to Vietnam, including 28.7% of the total petroleum export and accounting for 26.9% of the total value, and # 39; reaching more than 2.87 million tonnes, equivalent to $ 1.82 billion. It is the second place in Korea, which is " including 24% of the total export of the Vietnam shop. In 10 months, the rate of gasoline introduced from this market reached 2.33 million tonnes, decreased by 3.1% in measure but income was up 15.5% to $ 1.72 billion. Singapore is the third largest petroleum supplier in Vietnam, reaching 2.21 million tonnes worth $ 1.43 billion.

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