Gasoline prices fell well for the second time in a series


(HNMO) – Gasoline sales price increased from 15h today (21-11) with 1,000 VND per liter, identifying the second continuous acute decline.

This evening, the Ministry of Industry and Trade published the regulation of petrol prices.

Gasoline prices fell rapidly.

From 15h on the same day, the oil and petroleum enterprises will maintain the result for the establishment of oil and petrol sustainability assets for the existing E5RON92, kerosene and mazut oil petrol, but produce for a & # 39; sealed carriage and diesel fuel RON95. VND 950 / liter and VND 500 / liter.

Along with that, venture and stop-up initiatives using the sustainable resource for petroleum products. Parallel lines, 973 VND / liot of gasoline E5RON92, reduced to a maximum of 18,627 VND / liot; RON95 to VND1,093 / liter, to VND19,972 / liter.

Oil prices fell too. In particular, diesel oil prices fell to a large extent, 907 per liter, down to 17,637 VND at the highest; oil price decreased 844 VND / liot, to 16,242 VND / liot; Mazut has a new price of 15,186 VND / kg after the reduction of 508 VND / kg.

This is the second continuous day since gasoline prices hit rapidly to 6-11 levels.

According to the Finance Ministry, such management is aimed at a state-of-the-art market utility, and Ensure that home-based petroleum prices show how prices of petroleum products are all over the world; move, and continue to & # 39; support in part. Smoke macroeconomic control, inflation control, contribute to & # 39; reducing financial costs in production and business initiatives, and supporting people's daily lives.

Huong Thuy

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