Gasoline prices fell well from 15pm


The second price of gasoline to fall apart

The second price of gasoline to fall apart

Business and Trade Ministry – Finance has just circulated information about today's petroleum price regulation (22/11).

In this period of change, the Business and Trade Ministry decided to maintain the current level for E5RON92, kerosene and mazut oil. In particular for RON95 l 950 VND per liter; Diesel: 500 VND / liotar

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance decided to stop using a sustainable fuel price asset for E5RON92, oil and oil mazut.

After the property has been established and spent on installment, petrol and oil prices will be swiftly changed. In particular, the E5RON92 gas price decreased by 973 VND / liter; RON95 gasoline was reduced by VND 1,093 / liter; diesel decreased by VND907 / liter; it is VND 844 / liotar oil price; Mazut oil decreases 508 VND / kg.

After change, the price of petrol and oil consumed in the market is higher than its price as follows: Gasoline E5RON92 not exceeding 18,627 VND / liotar; RON95 gasoline is not higher than 19,972 VND / liotar; diesel exceeding 17,637 VND / liotar; Oil not exceeding 16,242 VND / liter; Mazut oil not exceeding 15,186 VND / kg.

The use and use of the permanent assets and the conversion of a petrol price will be introduced from 15m to 21/11.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the average price of petroleum products in the world is 15 days before 21 November 2018: USD 69,163 / RON92 petrel barrel used for gasoline E5RON92; USD 70,796 / RON95; $ 85,012 / barrel of 0.05S diesel; USD 85,981 per barrel; $ 459,100 / ton of moss wave 180CST 3.5S.

The E100 RON92 ethanol charged to gasoline E5 RON92 is based on the Official Letter Number 1309 / BTC-QLG dated 20 November 2018 of the Ministry of Finance that regulates the VND petroleum industry of 14,737 per liter (but – VAT VAT). ).

Previously, at the most anticipated time (6 November), the E5RON92 gasoline price decreased by 1.082 VND / liter; RON95 gasoline was down with 1,138 VND / liter; Reduce 67 VND / liter diesel price; Customs and mazut oil keep constant prices.

After a change, gasoline price spent in the market is higher than its price as follows: Gasoline E5RON92: not exceeding 19,600 VND / liotar; RON95 gasoline is not higher than 21,065 VND / liter; diesel exceeding 18,544 VND / liotar; Kerosene: it is not higher than 17,086 VND / liter; Mazur oil does not exceed 15,694 VND / kg.

According to the Business and Trade Ministry, from the beginning of the year to date, the Finance Ministry has 21 hours on gasoline price, with 5 times reduced, 6-hour reforms, 10-hour constant. Mar 25/9, the Ministry of Finance has spent 5,500 billion of sustained assets, with around 3.100 billion remaining.

Nguyen Khanh

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