Gasoline prices have fallen by VND1,000 per liter from the afternoons 15pm Finance – Business


The Ministry of Finance – Business and Trade has decided to determine its petrol price. In particular, according to calculations with the regulator, the average global gasoline RON92 price (used for gasoline E5RON92 mix) in 15 days before 21.11 and 69,163 dollars per barrel.

This was down from $ 78.709 in the previous session. At the same time, the RON95 barrels of gasoline value $ 70,796, also reduced significantly from $ 80,524 bar half a month ago.

The price is 0.05S $ 85,012, down in excess of $ 12 from $ 92,279 in the session in advance; Oil prices are $ 85.981 barrel, also down quickly from $ 92,095 barrel half months ago.

Before that time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade – Finance set up the money to establish petrol and oil prices by the following petrol types: E5 RON92, kerosene and mazut oil at the same level as usual; RON95 gasoline is located at 950 VND / liter; diesel VND 500 / liotar; There were different types of petrol including E5 RON92 gasoline, kerosene, mazut oil; stop using money.

In addition, the regulator asked the general market use of gasoline gasoline as follows: gasoline E5RON92 decrease 973 VND / liter, gasoline RON95-III decrease 1093 VND / liter, 0.05S diesel with 907 VND / liot , 844 oil VND / liter decreased and 508 VND / kg oil decreased.

Therefore, the gasoline price used significantly in the market is between the afternoons of 15pm and the following: gasoline E5RON92 not exceeding 18,627 VND / liotar, gasoline RON95-III not exceeding 19,972 VND / liter, diesel oil 0.05 S does not exceed 17,637 VND / liotar, oil is not higher than 16,242 VND / liter and oil is not exceeding 15,186 VND / kg.

Last action, on 6 November, a reduction of 1,082 VND / liter gasoline E5RON92, reduced gasoline RON95-III 1,138 VND / liter. At the same time, 0.05S diesel oil decreased 67 VND / liter and oil and fuel oil were the same price.

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