Gasoline tankers, 16 houses brutally burned, at least 6 people died



When the car tank was brought back, a fire was burst into the house and 6 people caused.

There were 16 houses on the road burning fire, and # 39; including fire road (source: people give up)

First information, about 5:00 a.m., the Tan Thanh gasoline tanker stream runs to Binh Long town, Hung Hung's marketplace, which affects ice walkers; running in the same direction. Then the truck lost control, ran through the divisor, moved to the power of hydro-electric, which split power lines and converted.

When it is erased, gasoline from the car goes to the house by the road and suddenly burns.

Gas tankers, 16 houses burned violently, at least 6 people died - Picture 3.

From gasoline tanker is banned because the fire is offset; burn, the effects are really bad.

Incredible fireplace with 16 houses burned together (store: town provided)

Due to the time of the event, people are still sleeping so many people can not escape in time.

After the fire, Colonel Tran Thang Phuc – Chief of the Phuoc Binh Police was present to guide the fire and save people quickly.

Burned gasoline tankers, 16 homes forever, at least 6 people died - Picture 5. "id =" img_380670 "photoid =" 380670 "src =" / h4 -crop-crop-15428495971751664752989.jpg "rel =" lightbox "type =" photo "h =" 331 "w =" 539 "style =" max-width: 100

16 houses near the people on the road were burned.

Initially, 16 houses near the fire were spread, many of which were completely burnt. Initially there were 6 deaths, which included four victims in a family. There were two injuries in two tanks and three-wheeler.

Gasoline tanker burned, 16 homes forever, at least 6 people died - Picture 6.

Gasoline tanker burned, 16 homes forever, at least 6 people died - Picture 7. "id =" img_380673 "photoid =" 380673 "src =" / = 209 bbc / education

Casualties and bad people are terrible.

At 8am on the same day, active forces are still blocking the position, and # 39; problem solving, searching for people who are in a position; suffer.

PV Righteousness who are present at the site and continue to indicate.

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