Gault & Millau named Franko House and Gostilna about Lojzetu for the best restaurant


The renowned celebrity expert, Gault & Millau, welcomed the Slovenian magazine. At this time, on Tuesday's show on the Ljubljana guide for the best restaurant in 2019, they named Franko and Gostilna House on Lojzetu. Igor Jagodic's chef, Matic Šubic's best watchman, won the "Kitchen Kitchen" award.

Gaut & Millau's well-known lead guy has welcomed him
Slovenian edition. At this time, they appear at the Tuesday gala exhibition
gave a guide to Ljubljana for the best restaurant in the House of 2019
Franko and Gostilna near Lojzet.
Gaut & Millau's well-known lead guy has welcomed him
Slovenian edition. At this time, they appear at the Tuesday gala exhibition
gave a guide to Ljubljana for the best restaurant in the House of 2019
Franko and Gostilna near Lojzet.

> According to the Slovenian team, Gault & Millau, they also won a prize Janez Bratovž to contribute to the development of contemporary medicine in Slovenia, David Vracka Tell them a cook in the future, Meto Repovž for traditional chefs, Mojmir Mar Šiftar for the 2019 young talent.

Name the guide two of the best restaurants in the country, Dom Franko and Gostilna pri Lojzetu, how they achieved the same point.

"Although Franko House stands in one of the most remote parts of Shlovakia, its appearance was always established in the world. Originally, when Franco Kramar, an Italian restaurant that was fond of Italy , cooked by a cooking craftsman, who was a rostbiff in English all over the world, was the last chapter written by Valter Kramar and Ana Roš, "they wrote, saying that Rosha is one of the Most interesting chefs have a natural awareness of getting together with flavors and raw materials, many of which are still true today.

Tomaž Kavčič never forgets where it comes from

At the Gostilna pri Lojzetu, they celebrated despite much success and knowing the cook Tomaž Kavčič do not forget where he is coming. "There are not many of these traditions and Zemon has a day without bread, made from home, spread and famous reputation. Kavčič, the most important thing, is the most important thing: it must be local and new, without to be transmitted by other materials, and above all, the food should be prepared and made so that it is felt that the cook was thinking through Process, "they said.

Chef planes are in 2019 Jagodica, which is a? runs a Strelec restaurant on Ljubljana castle, which shows the connection between the Alps, the Further and Pannonia – the history associated with modern technologies, as it is always a & # 39; Consider the intertwined tradition and the floor. Because he's not a chef; , not a job, but a way of life, they evaluated and said: "He is living for his kitchen and his guests, Include the values ​​that Gault & Millau have to come in. "

Bratovž's cook, who was regarded as one of the best Sister's cooking masters, was one of the pillars who had been in the kitchen. made of high Sola food. In the fourth century on the & # 39; cooking, he and his dance plates entered the heart of the gourmands that were scratched in the JB restaurant in Ljubljana.

The future cook Vračak, who cooks in the restaurant Maribor, Mak, has won her as an amazing artist with an uncomfortable awareness of ready-to-date dishes and technically-suited cooking skills.

At the same time, Gault & Millau Slovenia recognized the talent, dedication and dedication in the young chef in Šiftar and his pests and chose him as the most challenging young chef.

The Repovž Restaurant, which has a chef of heritage, not only one of the best Thai hotels, but also an eco-farm, a home where all the family works with its & # 39 heart. "Almost everything that causes their mail to grow on the soil, which needs a lot of time, physical activity and knowledge," they said.

Šubic, who has been the best serving agent, is a great connoisseur of wine, other drinks, and a variety of food and wine, and also monitors details of the foods and the preparation techniques. Working in the Maxim Ljubljana restaurant.

The prize also includes a kitchen included

For the Kitchen Kitchen project, it has been organized on Pogačarjev Trg in Ljubljana on Friday from spring to autumn, and said that the diversity of Slovenianis food supply has been found in one place with locals and foreigners. From the beginning to the present day, more than 100 restaurants throughout Japan have been provided at the Open Kitty.

At the events at Tuesday, the food was provided by the restaurants, which were donated by the three and four cooking captains and makers from each wine department. The guide gave four cards to six restaurants, with three captains that built 25 restaurants and hotels. The food was provided with 27 special chefs and 21 premiers.

"I'm glad that Gault & Millau Slovenia has confirmed that there is a unique quality in Slovenianis food and we have shown that we have a great wine, which is one of the best in the world. I'm sure Gault & Millau Slovenia will open the door to Japan's recognition, "said Gault CEO & Millau Slovenia Look at ŠemićSouth Westerly

"The first international cooking guide, Gault & Millau in Slovenian, is one of the most important events around the world to achieve our country's ambition We have been appointed as a leading gastronomic destination for oats and wine experiences, "director of the Slovenianis Tourist Board (STO) Maja Pak and added that the STO supported the launch of the guide as it recognizes the great opportunities that the guidance includes not only in advertising but also in the development area.

Pakova also stressed that gastronomy is one of the main tourists of the current tourism strategy, which is a great deal. Contributing to achieving a higher value value, and a & # 39; Remember that Slovenian has been named recently in the gastronomic region of Europe in 2021.

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