GED explained that this was a Hang Park Park coach on Vietnam


Share with the Korean media, JG Gurgaon JGG has shared the reason why Park Hang has become a coach to become a major coach on Vietnam.

GED explained that this was a Hang Park Park coach on Vietnam

After leaving Huu Thang's coach, Vietnam's Vietnamese Football Association is on South Korean defender, Park Hang Seo to the Vietnam city.

DIRECT Myanmar vs. Vietnam 18h30 on 20/11 (Cup AAF Cup)

This definition, JGG Gurgen Gede has recently been shared by Spotv News on the news about Vietnam AFF Cup.

Jurgen Gede
Jurgen Gede talks about this Park Hang coach

German expert said: "I praised after conversation, but his career is (the Hang Seo Park coach) to the Vietnam National Team coach.

There are three reasons for choosing a Park: 1. Park Hang This coach works with South Korea for two World Cups; 2. Knowledge in the K-League; 3. Park Hang Seo coach is the most interesting coach to a new football route.

GED GED also looks at its & # 39; A common point between the two when I work for VFF: "I and Park Hang are the very coach, who is very fond of football, trying to win. He and I am incompetent but they try best for the success of Vietnam's football team. "

Speaking about the AFF Cup this trip, a German expert said: "Everyone has a keen interest in the developments at the Suzuki AFF Cup 2018. After Vietnam's succession U23, Hang coach is expected here Park I hope it will be successful in the first competition (201 AFF Cup) with the Vietnam national team.


The game between Myanmar and Vietnam will take place at 18h30 a.m., 20/11. There is a decision that Vietnam's team in this two-year battle has taken place, against the day, hours and the Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon (Myanmar) and won 2-1.

If you succeed in Myanmar in this visit, Vietnam Phone will continue with 9 points. An advanced situation also helps the red shirts to benefit the tour to win the best after 10 years of age; wait.

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