Geminid wooden fire ball caught on a cop dashcam



The Indiana law enforcement officer should be able to remove this firefighter from a line.

Video photo / red circle with Amanda Kooser / CNET

Annually Geminid Meteor Fras to set up a show of hunting stars. this month. A police officer in Indiana achieved a great performance from one special fire member this week.

Chris Cramer was in conjunction with the Sheriff Department of Howard County outside the case when the dashcam was built; jumping a fireball fire over the Wednesday night. He then drops out into the darkness The division won the picture on Facebook on Thursday.

"Cpl. Cramer used to look like the meteor seems to come into our air dash camera near 600 E. on SR22," write the sheriff division.

Cramer's appearance appears to be matched by reports made to the American Meteor Society of a fire member who was found from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania on the same night. One viewer saw a spoon coming out of her & # 39; firewall. Another man said he was likely to go ashore on the road.

Not everyone is so lucky to see a tough ball from Geminids, but there should be enough opportunities to look at a star that's a star. falling as the meteor shower still appears for the enjoyment of the Earth.

Here's how you can look at the meteor shower, personally and online.

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