Geminid's meteor tin whistle and a comet team are made up for an aerial spectacle


More than 100 meteors are listed in this horizontal image built at the top of Geminid's meteoric rainfall in 2014.

NASA / MSFC / Danielle Moser

It's a month in December when skywat guardians need to give comfort to take some of the beauty. As winter cold affects many of the North Hemisphere, the mid-jersey games of Geminid's wooden timber in the middle of the month, rewarding people who are willing to bundle up and go to; going out at night.

"With the moon's position just before midnight, the conditions should be formal for a classic Geminids meteoric flower this year," said Paul Rex, the scientist Slooh, in a statement.

But this year there will be a decorative bonus: the Geminids summit will come from God's Eve and Friday, just as it is brightest comedy of the year, 46P / Wirtanen, to come near the history just a few nights later on December 16.

This fascinating video designed by Joe Lawton of Gerald, Missouri, shows Geminid's & # 39; lit out with Wirtanen in the background:

The Geminid game will take place every year at this time, long & as the Earth passes through the cloud to leave a large debris left with that 3200 Phaethon, a blue asteroid that could be a cassetteSouth Westerly

"Phaethon will affect its sunrise every 17 months or so, leaving a path of rubble behind him," explained Cox. "When the Earth passes through the way, the sandy meteoroids are carefully disposed of in the air as spectacular meters."

The Geminids are there with Peru's Perseids in terms of making fire girls and other clear strips across the air. You can expect to catch as much as 100 to 150 per hour with clear wings and limited light pollution.

To explore the exhibition, Bill Cooke from the NASA Environmental Environment Meteorological Office encourages to wait until it's going to be done. moon down at about 10:30 p.m. local time before you're out without your phone, as your screen can express your night's vision.

"Let flat on your back and look straight up, including as much air as possible. You'll start to see Geminia meteors. The night goes on, the Geminid level will increase, and hit a theory of around 100 hours around 2 am "

For a bit of help to show a Wirtanen comet, NASA has a & # 39; offer the skipper below to look at the green wall that looks at it; is increasingly more likely, which is likely to be slightly higher in the air than Aldebaran star near Taurus the bull's dispute.

Graphic design of the places at Radiant Geminidas and Comet 46P / Wirtanen for 35 degrees in width at 10:30 p.m. on the summit night of Geminid (December 13).


Cooke recommends that barbees or small telescope be with you to try and get a better look.

If the weather does not work where you can, you can still get an online view from the online Slooh Observatory show on Thursday; start at 3 p.m. PT.

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