Gemma Galgani is given to Rocco Fredella?


Men and women are overseas, between Gemma and Rocco and their car enthusiasm has a car; break out
Men and women are overseas, between Gemma and Rocco and their car enthusiasm has a car; break out

On Monday, 18 February 2019, the Rev. U & D sent his first appointment

This afternoon is 2:45 pm on Channel 5 on air Men and Women, a great show by Maria De Filippi. According to their first upload on the internet, today's spectators will be able to. attending their first meeting Throne over. As every Monday, the first part of the program will be dedicated to the Turin woman Gemma Galgani. To know all the reasons, we will advise you to read the whole article.

Men and Women, challenged: where we stayed

The last part of the highest part Men and Women We saw the Neapolitan Angela Di Iorio They decided to leave the Maria De Filippi event due to Mr. Beniamino. The program began with the knight's entry, which told the audiences to go to; breaking experience with Angela.

In fact, the man referred to his wife aggressive, cold and never move at home. Words that do not fully enjoy the direct interest. Indeed, this one turned to the wife Maurizio Costanzo telling her want to go Without doubt the program was because he was injured by what Benny said and did.

People and Women Spoiler: Camma Galgani, principal

The previews of today's Throne program Men and Women, telling him to open it in the usual way. In detail, Maria De Filippi will broadcast her & # 39; ordinary ordinary tour after that Gemma Galgani who was talking about her & # 39; tour with him Rocco Fredella.

Typically, the film is blocked several times with a very difficult idea Tina Cipollari that will make sport of his enemy. A woman from Turin is still a bit wrong and wants to go there with a lead rider with the rider who has seen the ones who have been. before. A man would also like to be close relationship with her, but for her time the woman was always rejected. Will you change your mind during the week?

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