General Motors describes the thousands of operating costs to remain competitive


General Motors announced Monday that pressure, with thousands of job cuts, had been a big deal to be more competitive in a business in full renewal, but its first- American car Donald Trump.

In total, MG will complete 15% of the company's duties in 2019, by Declining seven sites: one in Oshawa, Canada, four in the United States and two sides outside North America.

By December 2017, the last available account, MG was employing 180,000 people all over the world, but did not give up to it. organization gave a mark of the number of posts that were deleted.

"The steps we are doing today allow us to continue our transformation to be quicker, sustainable and profitable," said Ceannard Mary Barra, recited in a statement.

"We are aware that we need to look at market changes and consumer flats so that our company is well placed to achieve long-term success," she said.

Investigators rated the news: MG sections were up to 4.8% closing.

On the other hand, Donald Trump told Ms. Barra that he was "unhappy". "I was very sad with her," said the president, who has retained a variety of reliefs and preserved business jobs and discharged the trade with major US trading partners to maintain them.

"This country has done a lot to General Motors (to save the company from bankruptcy during the financial crisis, ed)," said Mr Trump, a & # 39; splitting a daily threat: "They are interested in returning to Ohio and quickly, stressing them."

The powerful UAW unit also plays on its " A list of "Americans first" courtesy of the president, who opposed GM of manufacturing in Mexico and China to replace cars replacing in the United States.

MG refused and dismissed the builder indirectly to Mr Trump, saying he stayed very much in Ohio.

– Savings for investment –

This audio cure should allow General Motors to make $ 6 billion savings by the end of 2020.

Amongst the staff being taken out, General Motors is in particular to attack management, and should be reduced by a quarter to make the decision-making process easier

The SA maker also said that those actions would focus on financial performance; final quarter of 2018 and its first of 2019. The level of the specific cost will be between 3 and 3.8 billion dollars.

But the Chief Executive stated that GM "wanted to be sure to invest," especially in devolution or electronic cars, at a time where there is a terrible auto market in North America.

Like Ford, General Motors expects to focus on & # 39; make the most profitable vehicles, such as pickups and SUVs.

"Some vehicles are not available in North America," Barra Barra said, as the Chevrolet Cruze, a model sold at less than $ 17,000 in its original version.

As a result of making the Volt, a two-seater car has been stopped.

– Trudeau sad –

The news is that the Oshawa center of Ontario has been completed, which has been released. employing around 2,500 people, caused a bone in Canada and the Prime Minister himself has been very fast.

"For generations, MG staff have become the heart and soul of Oshawa," a 60km northeast town of Toronto, and Trudeau told Twitter. He promised to do everything to help people. From the beginning of the morning, cleared the workers on union demand.

The problem was so easy. "It will affect my family and myself, if we do not have more jobs, we need to sell the house, I'll grow what?", Karin Wright, a united employee of the factory.

In addition to the Oshawa conference site, General Motors is about to decline on four sites in the United States (two in Ohio, one in Maryland and one Detroit site of collecting).

Two other sites will be closed outside North America, but GM still does not identify which ones are. The group announced the closing of the next year of the Gunsan plant in South Korea.

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