General Motors mentions plant closure


The company would make around 10,000 employees because it is preparing to disable the US and be able to; expand the targets.

General Motors yesterday ended months of insight and considered a possible restructuring of its business, and confirmed that it closed at least five plants in the United States and Canada against uncertainty about the global economy and its own reconnaissance with regard to electric and independent vehicles.

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"We make these decisions as long as the economy is strong," said the company's CEO, Mary Barra, to reporters. "This business is changing rapidly and we want to ensure that we are well placed. We believe it is appropriate at a time when a firm is strong. and the economy too ".

The activity said she sees "real-challenging contexts" in the future, and refers to the loss of the US economy, its main market. The sale of the whole industry in the first economy of its planet and its going down from 2016 and could close this year under a new 17 million unit threshold. In China, the second most important for MG business has also fallen.

But the company also added to the # 39; uncertainty in the commercial sector, in a year when attractive investments between the two largest economies on the planet are worrying cartridges. GM has ensured that the taxes placed by Washington into steel and aluminum have already increased costs of around £ 1 billion.

The company – the largest window in the USA – a & # 39; Four locations were closed in Detroit, Baltimore and Ohio next year, as well as one in the Canadian city of Ontario. In total, the amount that will include deleting the # 39; between 8,000 and 10,000 employees, including a quarter of an active floor, which aims to make more effective decisions.

By the end of 2019, its company also has a & # 39; The evaluation of closing two other resources in other parts of the world, as well as the closure announced before their collection in Gunsan, South Korea. In Latin America, there are offices of the company in Mexico and Brazil.

The restoration of the repository was invested by the investors; company during the year. The GM departments reached 7.9% yesterday at US $ 38.75, the highest price since July.

Adapt at times

The changes announced will try to reduce the costs of MG $ 4,500 million, as well as to reduce the cost of the company. reducing capital expenditure with some $ 1,500 million annually.

Its company will stop the construction of some of their models (among others), as it aims to develop and create electricity and devolution drives. This means that b & # 39; It can strengthen its GM cruise equipment, the unit that was responsible for driving unmarried cars. In the last year, that department, based in San Francisco, has grown with around 1,000 employees.

But the company's changing efforts were not marked by everyone. Trump yesterday said he spoke to Barra and said "we have a great deal of pressure" so that the plants are not closed, some in areas that affect their president's influence in 2016 .

At the same time, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, told Twitter that he had "taken a" deep break "to the GM Chief for closing the center at Oshawa, Ontario, who is 65 years of age; history and around 2,200 staff. The company is a two-autumn factory in that country. The last one, in Toronto, is in danger of being moved to Mexico. The authority said we will do all we can to help families who impact on standing. "

In terms of his, Detroit's supervisor Mike Duggan said in a statement that a "decision-maker" is a "decision-making" and "the town" is willing to find everything available for the & # 39; manufacturing with units related to GM companies or other companies ".

Business awareness

Ten years after the financial crisis that caused many of the major brands to break a breakthrough, the US equipment industry presents a new position of uncertainty as a result of technological and consumer changes, with the shift that is Increasingly expanding electronic and devolution vehicles, and shared shift.

Other big companies from the US have also released drama measures last year. Ford said in April that he would Launch the search and aim to cut the annual costs of $ 25 billion by 2022.

"Higher levels of interest and higher costs are a challenge for the sale of new vehicles," said economist Cox Automotive, Jonathan Smoke, FT. "Historically, large purchases such as homes and cars tend to be declining before a decline. The time in which low levels of historic energy helped sell sales were officially terminated," he said.

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