General Motors volunteerly offers 18,000 workers.

It is expected that General Motors will open Monday to close Oshawa, Ontario, plant, and eliminate around 2,500 jobs. Other reports reported that the work was between 2,200 and 3,000.

The company refused to report the reports.

CTV News Toronto commented that the move would "" impact on around 2,500 unified jobs and 300 salaried employees. However, thousands of other jobs could have an impact on businesses associations, such as self-employment centers. "

The report comes among an aggressive cost cut from the Detroit carmaker, who is also expected to say Monday what number of their salary jobs in North America have been to volunteer. The Free Press said that the company was hoping to have a # 39; They cut 7,000 white-white jobs and are expected to move to independent cuts if the number of staff that is slowly progressing.

"For the first time in memory, MG is a guide to a folder that has exponentially restructuring activities, and the landlords start to n" #; falls, "Jon Gabrielsen, an independent consultant for the equipment industry. "This may not be the last plant closure for GM, and we still do not see Ford and FCA see their hands."

Although Ford is cutting the white-colored staff all over the world, it is not said about plant closure.

The number of dealers who breach registration rates in 2016 and they are dragging out how businessmen say they have challenges from both sales and slow-running steel and aluminum items as part of Donald Trump's trade war.

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U.S. plants have staff GM, especially in Lordstown, Ohio, has been worried about production cuts. GM was making the Cruze sedan in Lordstown as a consumer's request; move to SUVs. GM has not promised to invest the money needed to bring the Lordstown button for the future.

GM carries Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS and Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks in Oshawa, according to their website.

Oshawa's master, John Henry, tweeted on Sunday night that he was "extremely heartbroken" with the news. "These reports do not affect anyone in Oshawa or our area and the news we hear is coming tomorrow tomorrow."

Bloomberg noted that "A product in Oshawa and other car centers near Toronto has declined in the decades after more representation in North American success to lower cost centers has been successful. in Mexico and the US "

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