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Phan Van Vinh's statements produce many discussions on social networks

Mr Vinh was a lawyer, who was General Director of the General Department; Police, with the General Nguyen Thanh Hoa, who was the leader of the C50 and co-founders of the trillion food complaint that was held at the Phu Tho Public Family Court.

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Consideration of the Vinh General lawsuit

Mr Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa were asked to "remove their roles and powers as long as they were on duty". The penalty for this crime is 5-10 years.

The declaration refers to General Tran Dai Quang

According to the November 19 report, according to the fact, Nguyen Thanh Hoa spoke to Phan Van Vinh about the idea of ​​building a national defensive system on the war and to the company. private development of high tech technology (CNC).

On January 11, Nguyen Van Duong, then CNC president, signed a report on the "Nguyen Thanh Hoa" plan to build a national defensive warranty system. "

On 7 March, Nguyen Thanh Hoa was postponed to draft a draft official letter to Nguyen Thanh Hoá to sign up the Phan Van Vinh report on his / her. recommends a roadmap for the development of a professional company under the Serious Crime Department. high art.

On March 17, Nguyen Thanh Hoa continued to post her & # 39; draft document for Phan Văn Vĩnh to the Minister for Public Security and the development of a roadmap for the development of a professional company under the General Department. The police.

General Tran Dai Quang, Minister for Public Security, said: "Mr Wang, take care of the role of the Network Security Department.

On March 29, Deputy Minister of Public Security, Le Quy Vuong, said: "General Police Department to implement Ministerial".

"According to these guidelines, the General Department of Police was held on 20.5.2016, the Director C50 has sent Mr Nguyen Thanh Hoa to the defendant by document 1155. As such , then defend the person According to the opinion of the Minister on Public Security, "the defenders of Vinh before the court, according to Thanh Nien.

Law Firm World Law's lawyer Phung Thanh Son told the BBC: "We do not know what's in the Tran Dai Quang paper. – within the direction of the event. "

"If Mr Tran Dang Quang's pen clearly shows the guidance given and given to Deputy Quarter Le Quy Vuong to take responsibility and manage his & # 39; granted, this is the direction of Minister Quang. "

"If the pen just expressed the content of Deputy Minister, Le Quy Vuong, directed the need to clarify the content of Deputy Wang's Deputy Minister."

There is no support for listening support

Vietnam's political observer Dr. Ha Hoang Hop has been the late president of Tran Dai Quang

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The guardians at the test

Get the bribe & # 39;

Phung Thanh Mac appellant also said: "I see signs missing out to" Mr. Vinh ".

"With the certificate of Mr Nguyen Van Duong, who was the president of CNC, on billions of debts and millions of doctors, Rolex looks at 1.1 billion and actually Vinh uses copper The Rolex knows there are bribery signs. "

"But that's why the crime has not been submitted. The research body needs to use its jobs to investigate and verify Mr Mag's statement true."

"The research body can not be responsible for recognizing the person in general and Mr Vinh in particular."

"As the police department knows, Mr Yungyuan does what he does to avoid sight."

"And no-one did not get a bribe for signing, so the searching body can not say" there is no evidence that Mr Vinh got his money and Mr Vinh can not The receipts also money "without complaining Mr Vinh on expenses & bribery.

"What people want to find out what the research body is doing is to reach that decision, because it is in Vietnam, how many businesses live without? "

"It's hard to believe that there is an unlawful change of thousands of billions of dong, which is not common for state management bodies."

"The current legal right of the Criminal Procedures Code is that it is not clear whether the body of scrutiny must take the necessary professional steps before the completion of crime. , we do not know if there are "no signs of crime" because the searching authorities did not investigate or did not investigate and implemented all professional degrees but did not identify the crime. "

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General Phan Van Vinh was tested for "to resist his position and power as long as he was on duty"

& # 39; Value of dispute & # 39;

On the one day, the researcher told the BBC from Hanoi, the researcher Nguyen Khac Mai, who was a research director of Commissariat; Media for People's Movement: "General Vinh's certification shows people's criteria. The usurpable authority."

"So I see the value of the essence in this case to make public opinion and the people who are accused of convicting the situation , the power to be beneficial for themselves, the family is a lot, working It's not a benefit for the smaller people. "

"These people can create a cover company of a police department to make money."

"And not just those who are going to court, they are the people in the system."

"The test also shows that people are not willing to block public security."

"It is the question of how this test ends with the decision, does it mean that people believe Vietnam has a legitimate legal right on Are judges of personality and confidence? "

What do social networks say?

Narrator Nguyen Hoai Nam commented on personal Facebook: "The defendant Phan Van Vinh Khai follows the path of General Tran Dai Quang."

Huy Duc, journalist, said: "After a day of questioning, the public is clear that the" face company "is not a CNC for the C50. Crime (trillion gambling) is also caused by human intercourse individually. It is said, "written by" the highest director of the industry at the time. "

Large milestones in this case

On September 30, 2011, Mr Nguyen Van Duong founded the Hi-Tech Security Investment Investment, Ltd. (CNC).

October 2011, Mr Nguyen Van Duong and Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hoa included a memorandum of understanding of business collaboration between CNC and C50 of the Ministry of Public Security. Therefore, CNC has 80% of the product, 20% C50.

In mid-2015, the Rikvip / game, which attracted 43,000 gamers, Nguyen Van Duong and Phan Sao Nam (who chaired VTC Online) put the game.

On May 20/2016, Mr Phan Van Vinh sent a letter to the Ministry of Information and his / her; Communications requesting CNC licensing, to confirm rikvip to & # 39; game and 23zdo.

3 March 1818, was convicted, maintained and held as Police Person.

5/4/2018, Mr Vinh was convicted by the accused person, held for four months and held by the Police Police title.

On 9/4/2018, CEO Chau Nguyen UK and Business Director Pham Quang Vinh of the arrested and arrested Epay Epay Electronics Pay Company Company in connection with issuing payroll services and & # 39; benefit from a gambling line.

On August 31, 1818, the People's Professional Lawsuit in the Phu Tho area ended up to Phan Van Vinh and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, along with 90 other defendants.

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