Geologist: A prehistoric reptile left by Grand Canyon


LAS VEGAS – Geologist professor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, has recently identified fossil routes from reptiles on a popular route at Grand Canyon National Park, a newspaper recital.

Professor Steve Rowland made a message that the routes related to a primitive fluid that is the size of a child's resigator and his / her; dating back to 315 million years, reported Las Vegas Review-Journal on Thursday.

The 28 footprints run along a lagoon on the edge of the Bright Angel Trail at Grand Canyon.

Rowland resolved his conclusions at the annual Association of the Vertebrate Society of the past month in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He hopes to insert a science paper in January.

He saw the prints last year in a family holiday and said they were "very spectacular." He said he heard about it from another rockologist they saw in 2016.

Experts may probably not know exactly what kind of animal they leave the paths, Rowland said, he looks at a similar 2-foot (0.6-meter) seaweed creature of long, similar to iguana Galapagos.

He said he has been talking to park officers about what the stone should do with the pictures and they would like to see him to move from the canyon and put it to a museum.

"It's more likely not to happen," said Kari Cobb park spokesman.

She said she did not remove her & # 39; rock and exhibited elsewhere in accordance with the National Park Service's mission to conserve resources in their natural state.

"But we may add up an explanatory logo telling people what they are looking," said Cobb.

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