George Mendonsa, the Navy speaker is marked as a pocket sailor & # 39; in the Second World War, who died at 95


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Le Erik Ortiz

George Mendonsa, the Grandmother of World War II, was convinced that he was a sailor who was placing a nurse in a remarkable image by going to her. Using a word recognition technology, which died in the early Sabbath, said his daughter. It was 95.

Mendonsa lived in a life-center helping her at Baile a & # 39; Phuill, Rhode Island, and had been suffering from bad heart failure, said Sharon Molleur's daughter to NBC News. He would do 96 on Tuesday, she said.

An American sailor saves a white-haired nursing nurse in a cute and passionate kiss while longing; It's a feeling so happy & nbsp; Thousands of Times Square are for the effects of & # 39; waiting across Japan.Alfred Eisenstaedt / Time & amp; Life Pictures / Getty Images

Mendonsa, a retired fisherman, had been holding up for years that was the lobster that was a cached in a photograph taken on August 14, 1945 by Alfred Eisenstaedt and published in the Life magazine as a "V-J Day in Times Square". On that day, Americans gathered on the streets to mark Japanese surrender to the Relatives and the end of war.

The image has grown as one of the most stable images of the 20th century. But when it was published in Life, there was no subscription that confirmed both of them.

Over the decades, other sailors said that the photographer was the secret person, including a Texas traveler who used a forensic police artist in Houston to make a self-identity in 2007.

But Mendonsa was not handsome. He also said to have a detailed detail of her & # 39; kissing, physical marks such as the big hands of the man and the scar were in her face; confirm that that is it.

To get to the heart of the Mendonsa application, Lawrence Verria and George Galdorisi, authors of the 2012 book "The Kissing Sailor: The Secretariat behind the Drawing Ending the Second World War", and look at the technology recognized by a facial experts from the Naval War College and also interviewed to help eliminate the small affirmations.

Mendonsa told Verria that he had been vaccinated in Manhattan when the end of the war was announced, and was swept up so when he saw a young nurse he was in. feeling that he married her.

It's not Mendonsa or her nurse; – who did not know identical identity, but it was confirmed that Greta Zimmer Friedman, from Virginia – knowledgie at the time the kiss was randomly captured for the next day. Friedman died in 2016 at the age of 92.

Molleur suggested that her father had never been presenting her petition to be in the picture, and her. remain proud with the legacy that has been living in large images and reconstructing.

"He was very proud of his service and the picture and his position," said Molleur. "Always, for many, many years later, it was an important part of his life."

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