Georges-Louis Bouchez: "The police were brought out with Emmanuelle Praet from their special idea of"


The private RTL channel has completed its final decision on its collaboration with Emmanuelle Praet.

RTL has decided to co-operate with Emmanuelle Praet, a column, announcing the private channel on Tuesday.

During an interview between the channel and the polemist, "
RTL's administration has told Emmanuelle Praet that it was Sunday, she left her job and should therefore disappear from one of the fundamental principles of the presentation: the ideas put by the experts should discuss the opinions, impact on behavior in any way by asking them, for example, re-considering the support for special parties.
"Read the statement.

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The Georges-Louis Bouchez Montois was in the slot when Emmanuelle Praet was hanged. On Tuesday night, Mons MR's headteacher re-responded: "
Emmanuelle Praet has been officially fired by the police of thought on the left of France. I remember that another column-maker of the show once added to "Protect your Nazi friends!" No action on the part of the series

Multiplicative question

MR, Brussels, Alain Destexhe, also responded to social networks. "
RTL is turning Emmanuelle Praet. In this program, as well as the quality and – it must be stressed – one of the one where the debate is still possible, there were three column users; (who was officially in the old PS and old Cdh, the two were always susceptible to the federal government) and which was quite correct (but not in the past, I never know as part of the MR). He was already unfair. There is a real problem with the diversity, distribution and freedom of expression in the Socialist Republic of Wallonia and Brussels. And this is just one of the examples
He is writing.

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