Gerardo Martino won a historic name in the United States – 12/09/2018


Two year project and a lot of work That is the story of the title that Gerardo Martino won with Atlanta United, which affected Portland 2-0 in the final of an American League and the city of Georgia marked after 23 years. Has it been affecting its & # 39; The last town in 1995, when the Braves won the football series in the world.

Football team damaged by Tata In his statue and statue, he took the opportunity to bury a black-rap home history. And a lively situation, such as the futuristic Mercedes Benz Stadium, is full record 73,019 fans, he gave him the farewell farewell to his Argentinian coach, who left him to give him a leader of a national Mexican team.

Martino, who goes out the door who was the first South American coach who was appear as seaman at Major League Soccer.

"The factor already planned his parade," said Arthur Blank in the past hours. The only thing that fails to & # 39; a great break that lasted a few years ago, the Atlanta Falcons, in the Super Bowl, and 25-point lead rubbish at the end of the third season and hit incredibly with New England Patriots, who won 34 -28 in a rabbit.

Atlanta was involved in the first half. Pushed, opened his court and went astray to climb ground. But dangerous situations have never been created for 25 minutes. On the other hand, played Portland Timbers, playing in their machine, & # 39; Protected for the same purpose and trying to get out of balls. Seeking Sebastián Blanco and Diego Valeri.

There was a controversial play at 13 minutes, when Mabiala and Josef Martínez wanted a member inside the area at the same time. The stadium asked for all punishment. It was unlikely that the French guardians who came from the Congo to the Venezuelans did not appear, which fell incredibly.

When the game fell in intense, the feelings came. At 28 minutes, Zarek Valentin did not include the Nagbe cross from the right. He took the Garza ball, made an amazing venue and Paraguayan Miguel Almirón was tied of Chile and left to allow Attinella to shine; Bring a member of the area by gutting it to the corner.

One eleven minutes later there was a delirium in the playground. There was a double error when Portland left the box on the right to end with poor delivery in the middle, where the spokesman Josef Martinez revealed in every measure.

The most striking strip in the league gave the gateholder the case and was exposed with a high standard to add 1 to 0. He did not listen, as it is used. But he gave him his 35-goal number in the season, the top Venezuelan player in the MLS (who was over Alejandro Moreno).

Another play was before the end that could be & # 39; drag the story and it was marked as a goal. Atlanta's gameplayer, Brad Guzan, headed deadly of the French Jeremy Ebibosse on the line. This is a & # 39; the war.

Shortly after the start of the second chapter of this final, Atlanta convicted to Portland with a real Argentine shout. Miguel Almirón sent a free case away from the left Franco Escobar, old Newell, has been submitted with a long mail for its correct marks.

The 2-0 was convicted of the Valeri and Blanco people. The changes that Savarese – the income of Argentine Lucas Melano and Dairon Asprilla of Colombia – worked on. MBy the end of the time, Atlanta began to sign. And Gerardo Martino went through the big door to attack a new challenge.

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