Germany has been the biggest electricity market in Europe, ahead of Norway


Germany has been the biggest car market in Europe. Eventually, he gave! And no one else is new to Tesla Model Zoe Zoe

Renault Zoe has been in the area where most sales are sold in our neighbors. At this time he had to reconsider his situation as a result of the huge Tesla Model 3 launch.

Thirty three million Germany, Europe's biggest market for carsuntil now, in electromobility, it has been rather depressing. This was largely due to the weak supply of domestic car owners and a widespread lack of electricity supply.

However in recent months the situation has changed significantly. In November 2018 6266 cars which were registered were sold to the retail outlet. And in the first two months of this year Germany has finally become the largest electric car market in Europe, before Norway, France and Holland.

Since then, electric car sales and hybrids plug-in have further broken down their neighbour's records. In February 2019, 6618 cars were sold therefor the first two months of this year there are 13,279 in total.

It's interesting to see Audi's sell-out in Germany in the last two months. While January sold 407 units, just a month later it was only 155! Interestingly, in February, 400 units of Hyundai Kona Electric or 142 Hyundai Ioniq Electric were also sold. Only Tesla Model S visited only 87 units!

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