Germany vs. Germany Serbia: André Voigt talking about racist believers t


Journalist André Voigt joined his family in the patronage, as the German national team fought against Serbia on Wednesday (1-1) – and suddenly three viewers forced him out of prey. the DFB players Leroy Sané and Ilkay Gündogan. Voigt told us about this event in a video he sent on Facebook.

It's nearly four minutes long, and once again the voice fails, it has to stop. "You sit there with your two-year-old daughter, and do you think, where's that going?" He says. The video counts over 150,000 views and was divided into thousands of times on social networks.

This should be the case: Three men who were sitting near the journalist, Manchester City Sané, have again been repeated as a "Negro". There was mention of Gtendogan as “the Turk” and “pseudo-Turkish” was spoken when the 28-year-old was caught. The attacks cannot be seen in the video, this was only recorded after the match.

His Facebook videos Voigt recounts, among other things, that he put the men in the second half to the lecture. "Levels of alcohol are getting worse," said Vogt. From other viewers, he had received no support. It is said that a neighbor has seats even on the men to re-affirm. Just before he broke off the video, he calls for more community confidence: "If you need something, say something." (Racism in the loop – what you can do as a football fan against him, read more about it here.)

Reports from DFB report that police are already investigating it

The German Football Association (DFB) has now called to Voigt and wanted to get some numbers. “We make use of the opportunities we have to address this,” said the national team spokesman Jens Grittner. “We communicate closely with the competent authorities. "

The DFB has provided information to the police about the situation and is currently awaiting feedback from the order service. Police in the Wolfsburg have already initiated inspections. In a Twitter job, DFB's team itself ran out of racism in the evening.

Voigt is senior editor of the basketball magazine "Five Magazin". In the past he also wrote for SPIEGEL ONLINE. In Wolfsburg Arena was private Voigt. In conversation with SPIEGEL ONLINE he brings it to the here you can see the video:

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