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A doll can be tested on its & # 39; new space step for SpaceX ONLY

Once it is set up as an exclusive idea by Elon Musk a multi-entrepreneur, SpaceX is now a known service provider in the & # 39; spatial transport industry. Falcon rockets from the private company have been sending the International Speech Station for years iss refurbished. The company has already put many satellite into the area. So far, there are not people.

Musk and its engineers have recently been talking about a & # 39; plane planning – or better. It was only when it should start, so far. Now, the US Nasa spoon company has allowed the private airline for pilot aircraft. Capsal is designed specifically for people's trip – the Dragon V2 or not too Crew Dragh – will go on March 3, 2019, first with a bundle on board on the trip, reporting NASA on its website. It carries a Falcon 9 rocket space space, which has already been prepared at Launchpad 39a of the Kennedy Spatial Center in Florida.

On March 3, the
Dock the ISS capsule and return to Earth on 8 March.
"We're ready to launch it, we're ready to travel," he said
Bill Gerstenmaier, the NASA for a sports aircraft for people
who is responsible, at a US Spaceport Cape Canaveral news conference. At the moment the start of the test aircraft with the official name of Demo-1 is 8.45 m. German. Experience has shown that rockets like this often move – for example due to bad weather or technical problems.

The space capsule Crew Dragh designed for transport at the highest of seven people. If so successful, NASA wants to first time this year
Astronauts could be inserted into Space Space Exposure – a mission may start in July.

For a long time now, major airline companies have been competing for orders from organizations and global placement companies. The Boeing company also works on a spacecraft with which NASA carries out its ISS teams. Because the US has stopped their efforts in 2011, they are responsible for Russian Soyuz rockets to carry their crew to the ISS. The contract with Russia will come to an end in November. Then SpaceX and Boeing taken over. NASA gave $ 2.6 billion to SpaceX and $ 4.2 billion to the Boeing Company for companies to develop rocket and capsule systems that will put astronauts into the place on behalf of Nasa – and back.

Boeing recently had the planned test trip to suspend the CST-100 Starliner spacecraft and is now a window planning in April. Even at Boeing at first people do not. go away. This is designed for the first summer summer.

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