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A German TV station listens later this month – everybody probably knows that name.

The station name is not just a football name. Now there is a German TV channel installed.

Augsburg – For a period of suspicion, there were many investigations into it. But the station chief of Augsburg could pull her out. Now it is over. The ambitious head of the media eventually gathered three judgments in court. And his furrows? Before the end.

Below is also tm3. It seems that the name is just about everybody still the concept. After all, a station known as t3 should have rights reserved to the League of Rights and a major class broadcast in the 1999/2000 season. However, only 3 of the Augsburg entrepreneurs have today joined the station. The original transposition was turned into 9Live in 2001 and is buried there. Augsburg Family TV, on the other hand, was renamed t3 in January 2019. But as it happened on 31 March, the time3 will also stop work.

p33: The media campaigner began with

The focus of the scandal was an ambitious media entrepreneur from Augsburg. He was the TV industry that was passionate about it. Shortly after the middle school, the 29-year-old today established his first small internet station Augsburger Allgemeine recite. Following this the broadband network was licensed, broadcast in satellite program and broadcast permission for special films. The appointment began quickly and well. A high tour of the TV industry. But just as soon as the loop was falling again.

Recent months, the TV Licenseer came out of the first license, as stated by a poll. The referrals were no longer meeting the entry requirements. No doubt there is no reason why the 29-year-old ceases to operate the stations. From TV Family was tm3 and warm and turned into a television3 TV. He also made a number of objections to the decision.

tm3 before the end: Three penalties against TV campaigners

On Tuesday, the defendant would have to reply for different offenses in court. One expert suggested that it was likely that the media company would be in decline from 2014.

No, but three sentences, the jury appealed to the accused TV campaigner. They are between ten months and one year to six months. He has to pay to drive without a driving license, fraud, document fraud and bankruptcy that has not been broken. All penalties are still outstanding. Thomas Kirschner, chairman of the jury court, made it clear at the end of the day: To marry not only a sword of Damocles hanging over, but "a great deal on a silk thread," said the magistrate. Augsburger Allgemeine, It was plucked from the hair past a prison sentence. But the defender even succeeds even: 200 social hours and putting back 194,000 pounds in money.

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tm3 view: believers look in the tube

For a tm3 station the judgment means the end. The tb3 + offshoot was discontinued in March 2019, as was another TV station. However, the media supporter confirmed that the vision was not a result of the court judgment. “The decision will be made for personal, health and financial reasons,” he said DWDL, He suffers from heart disease and shoot him. “I have to be careful about my health first,” said the defender.

The station placed emphasis3 in the press, drawing the vision "with its own conclusion". From 31 March 2008, the completion of car magazines, panneshows and tele-shop.

The entrepreneur receives one more from the State Center in Bavarian for New Media. She said doodle, and "being left with an unfailing refusal […]behaving in accordance with the law means a constitution […] on the exam. "

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