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A number of animals have already died

Recall extended due to more vitamin D: Danger of dog food

In February, Hill & Pet Nutrition launched an international dog food remembrance memory. Now the recall is extended because of more vitamin D. At the same time, it is said that many dogs have died after eating the affected food.

Recall a meal for a meal

The American maker Hill & Pet Nutrition extends the memories of dog food products as a result of increased vitamin D. The extension of the recall recall refers to the same vitamin premix as it was It was announced that the first time in February 2019 would be a reminder.

A variety of food from the Hill food & Pet Nutrition, the vitamin D content is so high that it can lead to a health risk to dogs. (Image: DoraZett /

Individual animals died

Although vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, spending a larger amount may cause health problems, depending on the level of vitamin D and length of stay, the company has a say in a public advertisement.

In dogs, signs such as diarrhea, loss of missing weight, heavy thirst, frequent deterioration, excessive spillage and weight loss could be included.

If vitamin D is used in very high measurements, dogs may be affected by health problems which may be life-threatening, including tuberculosis disorders in situations t unusual.

For some animals, the warning is likely to be too long. A result of Twitter, some dog owners say that their animals have become unwell or even died after they had reacted to the effects of food.

Dog owners, whose dogs have listed the materials listed below, should be used by the producer to notify their doctor.

According to the company, in most cases overall recovery is expected after food has been fed.

Products affected

The following results were repealed in February:

Canine's Prescription Canine Diet 360 grams, no section. 8408U, many without. 102020T18

Hill's Prescription Canine Diet Ultra Allergen-Free 370 grams, Number Number. 8018U, lots of. 102020T17

Hill's Prescription Canine Diet 370 grams, no section. 8017U, batch 102020T05

Hill Science Plan Canine Adult with chicken 370 grams, no section. 8037U, lots of. 102020T27

Canon Hill Science Plan adult 7+ with chicken 370 grams, article article. 8055U, lots of. 102020T14

She came now:

  • Receipt of Canine k / d ™ 370g, number 8010U number, 092020T27, 092020T28 and 102020T26
  • Hill Prescription Diet Canine r / d 350g, Arctic Number: 8014U, Lot Number: 092020T28
  • Hill Science Plan Canine Adult 7+ 370g long-term number: 8055U, Lot #: 112020T25

Results that are not opened may be returned

In Germany, pet shops were wiped away by pets, with online retailers and vet clinics.

Pets owners who have bought the results from the affected batch and the exact date should stop food and find out about any open goods.

The results of unopened returns can be returned to the point of sale from which they came.

More vitamin D increases

According to reports, Hill & Pet Nutrition have found out about the levels of vitamin D that may increase in some food on the back pocket, following a complaint in the US about about five years ago. dog with evidence of Vitamin D levels high.

An investigation by the company confirmed that vitamin D had been raised as a result of a supplier error.

After the first result, the other dog products in cans that are affected by cans were analyzed in detail by a combination of vitamin D.

This study has shown that a combination of vitamins has been used to affect supplementary materials and so the memory has been re-expanded.

Hill is said to have received a small number of complaints about sick pets attached to this patient. (AD)

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