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A sense of shame when you move to a TV presenter – viewers will see jokes in New York

A US Moderator broke a small slide in live performance.

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Television shortages through live coverage usually make the audience laugh. They seem to be suffering from a blight from the USA.

New York – Spectators captured a US news channel near strike with a backdrop of a live broadcast – which, later, was more special.

Errors on TV and especially during live coverage appear again and again. However, this vision should not laugh at the audience, but it should also seem strange. Because an American news presenter turns to his colleague, the time doesn't seem to be right!

Television stimulation in the USA: The moderator surprised him with a terrible move

When the picture changes suddenly to Syria's colleague, it doesn't seem to know that he already lives. He is not quite happy about cropping it – and quickly heaps in front of the camera in his hands, to spread it generously as his hair hits the reed.

Move, the picture moved back to the moderator because the connection was only alongside them. In the background, however, you would still hear in Syria colleagues say, "Okay? Good? Better?" – perhaps with his new style.

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Break down through live broadcasts: This is how the audience answers

The event was filmed by a spectator and then sent on Twitter, where they were recorded live quickly. Consumers' comments on the work of the journalist went far apart: "The man is in the war zone and he is concerned about his hair," wrote a user, for example.

Others find the breakdown down is rude or humorous. "His fashion show line is quicker than you can see," said a woman suddenly. Other: "I prefer that I didn't see that."

The TV channel's Channel Nine, also received a shame in their work. Her reason was the very large outfit that was chosen.

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