Advanced Technologies: ME Hackers Find the Logic Analyzer in Intel CPUs

Safety inspectors Maxim Goryachy and Mark Ermolov presented from previously unknown Positive Technologies at the Black Hat Asia conference in Singapore to examine the structure and behavior within Intel CPUs and the Hub Control Controller. (PCH). close examination.

Iob's market

  1. IKOR AG, Essen
  2. mediawave GmbH, Munich internet solutions

So far the researchers have achieved outstanding reputation for their work on Intel & Management Engine (ME). The team have re-engineered the ME over a long period, including some lice and security holes in the code. Finally, I'd tell the people who were visiting "Game Over!"When they had a full chance of ME.

The team used the error detected at that time to further process the system and activate previously unknown divergence. The Vision is an Intel of Internal Architecture (Visa), an integrated therapy-enabled logic analysis which is routinely disabled. An Intel visa and the associated systems are part of the superb currents currently available to Intel and their hardware partners and are rarely recorded publicly.

Numerous opportunities for further analysis

With Visa, security researchers can check the inside bus passages and provide access to more memorable locations, as well as writing to overriding and therefore provide information. Essentially, vulnerability is not vital to consumers, since there is enough error used in ME enough to allow a full access to a device. And even for this, we need administrative rights. As such, difficulties for end users are much more marked in the scheduled series.

On the other hand, a visa is especially interesting for other security researchers who might continue to use the capabilities provided to audit the CPU. The British magazine The Register found that the researchers at the cemeteries could be traced or that their speculative operation could be better understood than before. The last ones, however, are needed for attacks like Specter and Meltdown.

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