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After this NBA season: Nowitzki completed a basketball ball

Football Dirk Nowitzki will finish his career after this NBA season. This explained the 40-year-old Dallas Mavericks worker after the last home game at Phoenix Suns.

The Nowitzki basketball ball has been retired. He will be completing his life after this NBA season. He published this after the game against Phoenix Suns. “This is my last home game, but I'll stay here, this is my new home, with my wife and children, I've been the Texan, thank you all,” said the Würzburger. at the island's sales.

Since Dallas's playoffs in North America's professional playoffs, the last Thursday game in San Antonio Spurs is the final feature of Nowitzki.

Forty years – a job for eternity

It will go down in history as the best football player to date. Nowitzki led the Mavs for his first title and NBA title eight years ago and was named League's most prestigious player in 2007. In the synonymous board he was just passing the film Wilt Chamberlain and climbing it to sixth place.

The German national team now won Nowitzki for years, won a bronze medal in 2002, EM money in 2005 and met in Beijing in 2008 for the dream to be involved in the Olympic Games. In this season Nowitzki was doing long problems over a period after an ankle doctor started in April last year. Just in the middle of December he returned to the floor. In this season he regularly came over the bank and reached his minimum job.

To what extent was it a former sporting affair to the German "fight", it appeared when the Mavs appeared this season. At the first choice of Nowitzki the fans also raised in challenging areas, marking all the successful trips. As Doc Rivers, a coach which faces Los Angeles opponents, chased the game in advance, so fans and players could pay homage to some of the brilliant Germans at a certain time. geese, attracting many viewers to tears.

"It's a real feeling, I'll never forget that, it feels," Nowitzki told the fans. “The recognition is fantastic for me, that you've done something for more than forty years.” Invited by the NBA commissioner Adam Silver, he was also given permission to play for the fourth time in the Allstar de the best and most popular professionals in the league this quarter.

The time for the family

The family father had recently been announced that he would not aim for a permanent post after his career. "I'm going to go a little with the kids, doing some things I couldn't do all my job," said Nowitzki in Dallas. "Indeed I'm not sure I will make a decision, but I like the time with my family."

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