Ahlen: A cat who catches a Pug and sells him on Ebay

The Westwhalian town of Ahlen has secured debt for debt and sold on Ebay. The approach causes a problem. The two who buy and the owner will be able to; criticized. Chamberlain Dirk Schlebes defended the work as it was lawful.

In accordance with preliminary law, it will take valuable assets such as the "pug" family "Edda", Schlebes said. Previously, the family had a debt to the town, and a household machine was already issued.

Purchaser who threatens a home with a suit

However, it threatens its & # 39; after selling a new problem: The new owner of the sheep is feeling sorry, the dog is sick, the expensive medicine, recites a number of media. The buyer thus threatens her; town with its complaint.

"Edda" was offered by a home worker on his private Ebay account for 750 euros as a healthy animal, Schlebes said. "We have saved some money a bit smaller, the amount is streaming into its home finances." One of them now turned into insurance and a lawyer. It was confirmed that his wife was sick at the time of sale. So it should be checked if there are bids and the dog can be treated cheaper.

The merchant had several mechanisms named, depending on what the dog had to run several times in an animal clinic due to serious injuries. She asked her to buy and restore price for the medicine. The old person that is circulated in media reports takes – her family is a laments the animal very much.

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