Aldi, Diesel, Google: Huge changes are affecting us all from April

For customers, many change in April. If you are not careful, you might lose money. From the lowest wage to pensioner's pension: you need to know April.

Munich – From O to O, that was the farmer saying that many drivers use it when changing tires. In October, it is winter tidal and so that the temperature of the spring may eventually be relied upon and move again with summer tires.

This rule means that German drivers must make it, as there is no general legislation but only a situational site. In snow or ice conditions you should not drive summer tires. As a rule, this happens only when an accident has occurred.

April could be the right time to change tires – but not until the middle of the month. According to the German Trade Association and Vulcanizing Trade (BRV), summer tires can be built when temperatures are reliable over seven degrees Celsius in the morning. And these low values ​​are often only found in mid-April. At very low levels and above, the rubber earthen machine will dry more quickly, and may reduce continuity on the road.

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April in April: the minimum wage for temporary and temporary staff

In April there is good news for temporary and temporary staff. Already in January and March, the new statutory salary was introduced in many industries. Now the rise is also continuing for temporary workers in West Germany. From 1st April, the minimum wage will rise from 9.49 euros to 9.79 pm per hour.

The date of pensionable pension expires in April

Anyone over the age of 65 who has raised children and who have not applied for a pension may need to work quickly. If he does not do so, he could lose a pension payment. There may be a pensionable parent pension entitlement before 1992 from the start of the year. As a result of the mother's maternity reform, they are now two and a half years for each child as their pension time for education. The pension application should then be made until the end of April, as it will then receive re-active payments from new pensioners from January 2019.

From April, there will be more money for civil servants

Even federal officers and pay-payers of the federal government can look forward to receiving more money from April. Their employment is built at 3.09 per cent. The rise is part of a three-phase decision-making in the summer of 2018. The first increase was reinstated back to 1 March 2018. The payment was raised by 2.99 in the period. percent. There will be a further 1.06 increase on 1 March, 2020. This is clear from the federal pay and pension changes law. Chancellor George Merkel and other members of the government are also benefiting from this increase.

Aldi will keep a hidden pack of cucumbers from April

Aldi is mentioned in April that a hidden packet of hidden cups will be hidden. Testing has shown that the vegetables are not damaged even without plastic fabrics as a result of transport. In addition, the discounter is to introduce a new system for re-useable fruit and vegetable bags. From April, Aldi has wanted to reduce the tonnage of plastic waste in the garden.

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Currently there is no diesel ban for Cologne and Bonn from April

The diesel ban in Stuttgart, which has been there since January, has been extended to people living in Stuttgart on 1 April – they have previously been blocked from prevention. The exclusion ban applies to the diesel of Euro 1-4 classes. For the diesel diesel at Cologne and Bonn, which was first registered for April 2019, it is still open. North Rhine-Westphalia's condition has appealed against the ban at High Administration Court in Münster. The meeting has not yet been identified. Other cities in 2019 also contain diesel emissions.

Google Plus will be deleted in April

Google Plus will be suspended on 2 April. It was designed as an alternative to Facebook, but was not popular. In data breaks in October 2018, the online network enabled Google Plus to grant some of your private user information for app developers. Up to 500,000 people have been affected. As a result, the Google internet giant has been reducing its service from the early January 2019. Since April 2, Google Plus is officially over.


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