Aldi's purchaser is still in a product pack – it's a & # 39; disturbed him

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Aldi's seller recently found the "missing side" of his high spy. Respondents have already responded to Facebook found unhappy.

Although wearing lucky jewelery is considered, Aldi's buyer could not be happy about this example: in a folder the laser surface was a n; Finding S. Dirk except one of the sharp threads.

"A meat supplement was added to its food," wrote the internet user to a picture of spinach and ladybug, which placed it on the blockers Facebook page. In addition, Dirk S. says that he was a yellow ore. "The yellow ones are scarce," said another user. The Aldi Süd team responded promptly to the post. Allow the employee to be streamlined via Facebook and now he wants to give the event to the responsible provider.

Aldi also wants to make his customers astonishing. Among other things, a new concept should help.

Aldi's seller posted a bad search on Facebook

Image of Facebook page.

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At least Dirk S. was allowed to choose as compensation or spiral with fleshless meat, it is not known.

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But Aldi is not just a creamy guy for amazement. In a chocolate of flame, a customer also made a look. Another Kundi was not expected to be found in six Aldi bottle packs.

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