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An expedition to "Bares for Rares" on ZDF: A Picture of Schleuderpreis's "Isolde"

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This time, "Bares for Rares" was taken from the roof: Lichter & Co. unexpected attendance. And a woman who deserves a fortune.

She looks a little sorrowful, but at her valuable value she wouldn't have to do that: We talk about the woman who recently discovered a fascinating, amazing image inside the Pulheim mill. After all, the beautiful view of blue blood, as well as the Colmar Schulte-Goltz expert, is quickly recognized.

Beauty boosted Royale lights and involved in "Bares for Rares" – and that provides amazing things

"This one is well known!! The person dressed through the fitness has a ermine. So it's already one royal blood"he is courting.

The salesman from Niedenstein in Hesse had done the royal artwork 45 years ago from his father-in-law, but he did not know what its true value now. But finally, the expert rolls, which is famous for his "little hidden image", as Lichter notes, is on display. T

Yes, I am suspected of daughter of the King of Ireland: Isolde. "But apart from the harsh love of" Tristan & Isolde ", there was much more to be found in the photograph: Schulte-Goltz explains that this type of substance was often raised in the Renaissance." Tand then the whole thing is still being planned for Biedermeier, so it must be performed simultaneously."it's a decision.

Also interesting: "Putting my hare on the A …": "My wife is claiming five figures in" Bars for Rannan "- her finish was never so good.,

The auctioneer is very skilled – the salesman was disappointed

Lastly, there is a signature from 1845 which shows the famous German artist Hermann Scherenberg in the background. Schulte-Goltz's Final Knowledge: up to 5,000 euros!! "This is a market for the international market"The expert is explaining his high estimation.

The traffickers are also curious about the painting, but it seems that it is so big that it draws some of them. Nor is it explained Eventually no more than 2,200 euros be offered to the beautiful princess in oil. But this amount is not enough for the seller, it is 3,500 euro on the doorstep with his pain so he paints a little more homeless.

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